Marantz CD-23

Marantz CD-23F

Marantz CD-23Da

October   1 9 9 4 october 1994
1 9 9 7 1997
1 9 9 8 1998

Cute little thingie, very cute, and last component of the Music Link series to be released.

DAC-7 digital-to-analogue section, HDAM modules, diecast aluminium everything with a glass cover and select componentry.
Plus the blue star which was, however, inaugurated during the Superscope era and not during the original Saul Marantz ownership.

The analogue output is FET-charged (2SJ74 / 2SK170) and set at a welcome low 150 Ohm.
The Philips DAC-7 Bitstream and two Marantz HDAM op-amps-in-a-box provide great sound quality, all within a discreetely flying saucer-like design.

The internal structure allows only one main dual-sided board to ba placed at the bottom holding all digital treatment, servos and d/a sections plus one power-supply assembly making the back of the CD-23 : toroidal transformer, AC filter on one side, audio i/os on the other.

Three versions were produced :
The CD-23 uses a CDM9,
The CD-23F uses a CDM9Pro,
The CD-23Da adds a pair of digital inputs (1x coaxial, 1x TOS) so that it can be used as a digital-to-analogue converter ; however, the 23Da uses a regular CDM9 like the original CD-23.

Outside Japan, the CD-23F was named CD-23Limited and the CD-23Da was a CD-23DLimited - simple enough :)

The CDM9 and CDM9Pro can easily be identified by their spindle : grey plastic for the CDM9, shiny metal for the CDM9Pro.

There is unfortunately one central flaw : said CDM9 and CDM9Pro Philips CD mechanisms are neither as durable as any of the earlier drives.
The slightly earlier CD-15, CD-16 and CD-16SE all had a CDM4MD but, by late 1994, production of the diecast "old" Philips CDM drives had stopped...

A real CD-23F at hifi-do and a real CD-23Da at hifi-do too.

Marantz CD-23, image 1 Marantz CD-23, image 2 Marantz CD-23, image 3
Marantz CD-23 specifications
Title Value
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (± 0,2dB)
S/N ratio : 110dB (1Khz)
Dynamic range : 97,5dB
Analogue output : 2V RMS / 150 Ohm (10kOhm load)
CD-23 / 23F digital output : 1x coaxial 75 Ohm 0,5V p-p
CD-23Da digital inputs : 1x coaxial 75 Ohm 0,5V p-p
CD-23Da digital outputs : 1x TOS optical
1x coaxial 75 Ohm 0,5V p-p
1x TOS optical
PC : 18W
Dimensions : 25 x 13 x 28cm
Weight : 5kg (CD-23)
6,3kg (CD-23F & CD-23Da)
List price : 200,000¥ (CD-23, 1994)
250,000¥ (CD-23F, 1997)
200,000¥ (CD-23Da, 1997)
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