Marantz CD-16

1 9 9 3 1993
1 9 9 5 1995

Marantz & Philips big one, available in two versions (CD-16 and CD-16SE), neither of which should be mistaken with the later CD-16D, a very slim later player with the plasticky CDM-12.1 drive.

Both CD-16 versions use the CDM-4MD diecast aluminium swing-arm drive - everlast.

The CD-16 has regular HDAM modules and a single an EI-core transformer with three windings to feed everybody

The CD-16SE (or Special Edition) has a toroidal transformer, NEW HDAM modules and a noise-filter before the added second (smaller) power transformer solely dedicated to the FL display. Which renders the audiophile habit of always switching off the display... somewhat useless :)

All the rest is exactly the same : diecast aluminium copper-plated chassis (shared with the Marantz-built Philips LHH700), SM-5803AP, SAA-7350, dual TDA-1547, low impedance double-differential output, regulated feeds for the DAC7, digital and audio sections etc.

The next step was the upgraded CD-16SE, introduced alongwith the first version of the CD-23.
The next big step was the CD-15.

And full-size mods are described in minutious detail at positive feedback.

Marantz CD-16, image 1 Marantz CD-16, image 2 Marantz CD-16, image 3
Marantz CD-16 specifications
Title Value
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (± 0,2dB)
Dynamic range : 96dB
S/N ratio : 108dB
Stereo separation : 100dB (50Hz...20Khz)
THD : 0,00135% (1Khz)
Analogue outputs : 2V RMS / 150 Ohm (for 10kOhm load)
Digital outputs : 2x 75 Ohm coaxial
PC : 18W
Dimensions : 45,4 x 13,8 x 36cm
Weight : 13kg.
List price : 160,000¥ (1994)
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