Luxman T-88V

1 9 7 7 1977
1 9 7 8 1978

Not a Sony ST-A7B or ST-5000F, not a Luxman T-110 or T-50A but, still...

The T-88V is designed as a matching tuner to the L-80 series integrated amplifiers with a common concept of being refined yet economical. It incorporates all the useful features with a modern appearance.

The FM section consists of a 4-gang tuning capacitor and FET RF amplifier circuits, inter-stage double tuning circuit, mixer circuit, and special oscillator circuit of low distortion.
Thus result in excellent figures in such characteristics as high sensitivity, signal over-load capability, various spurious responses and intermodulation distortion. Therefore impecable quality reproduction of FM broadcasting is possible over a wide range of signal strengths.

The IF amplifier employs 2 pairs of linear ceramic filters together with 2 transistors, and adoption of LC double tuning circuit, wide band-width discriminator transformer.
A high gain IC makes it possible to obtain an improved phase relationship as well as excellent distortion and separation.

In the MPX circuit the specially selected PLL IC is used, which automatically compensates for voltage and temperature drift etc. for many years without the need for re-alignment, so ensures good separation and low distortion.
All above mentioned facts account for our meticulous care paid to overall improvement of reproduced tonal quality.
Also a constant voltage supply circuit is provided at the power supply section to offer high stability against fluctuation of power supply voltage.

Annexed accessories are FM high blend circuit, FM muting circuit, multi-path detector and output level setter, etc.
Among others the FM muting circuit is of electronic operation by means of transistor logic and FET analog audio muting, which is controlled by signal strength and accuracy of tuning centre ensuring a stable muting threshold irrespective of RF input strength, and at the same time eliminates thump noises at the time of ON/OFF operation of the muting switch.

The AM section is composed by high quality variable capacitor with ceramic filter at the IF amplifier, and therefore excellent selectivity and faithful reproduction of AM programs.

Luxman T-88V, image 1
Luxman T-88V specifications
Title Value
IHF usable sensitivity : 2µV (11.2dBf ; 98MHz, 1Khz, 100% mod.)
Sensitivity for 50dB S/N : 50µ sec, 3,3µV (15,6dBf)
75µ sec, 2,8µV (14,1dBf)
Selectivity : 60dB (at 98MHZ, 100µV, ±400Khz)
AM suppression : 50dB (at 98MHz, 1mV)
Capture ratio : 1,8dB (at 98MHz, 1mV)
Image ratio : 75dB (at 98MHz)
IF rejection : 85dB (at 98MHz)
S/N ratio : 72dB (mono, at 98MHz, 1mV, 1Khz)
68dB (stereo, at 98MHz, 1mV, 1Khz)
Response at 98MHz, 1mV : 50Hz...10Khz (mono, ±0,5dB)
20Hz...15Khz (mono, +0,5 / -2dB)
50Hz...10Khz (stereo, ±0,5dB)
20Hz...15Khz (stereo, +0,5 / -2dB)
THD at 98MHz, 1mV : 0,2% (mono, 1Khz)
0,2% (stereo, 100Hz)
0,3% (mono, 1Khz)
0,4% (mono, 6Khz)
Stereo separation : 43dB (1Khz, at 98MHz, 1mV)
30dB (50Hz...10Khz)
SCA rejection : 60dB (at 98MHZ, 1mV)
Muting setting : 7µV (23,5dBf, at 98MHZ, 1Khz, 100% mod.)
Output level : 1,6V (at 98MHz, 1Khz, 100% mod. mono)
Muting range : ±55Khz (at 98MHz, 1mV, 1Khz, 100% mod. mono)
Carrier leak 98Mhz, 1mV : -60dB
Signal meter indication : 4,5 (at 98MHz, 1mV, 1Khz, 100% mod. mono)
PC : 20W
Dimensions : 45 x 30 x 16cm
Weight : 7kg.
List price : 345$
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