Luxman T-50A

October   1 9 7 9 october 1979
1 9 8 1 1981

One of the few units which managed to blend properly sobriety in design and the ever more present little push-buttons.
The T-50A is however more modern on the inside than the warm wood-enclosure would lead to believe.

To avoid frequency locking drift, a feedback loop following the crystal-controlled frequency of the tuned-in station : the entire tuning circuit is synchronized at the precise tuning point with the AccuLock system which detects an exact center tuning point, which in turn uses a control voltage at the CLL circuit to trigger mechanical locking of the tuning the center tune point.

Dual-gate Mos-Fets, 5-gang varicap with AGC circuit for the front-end.
Quadrature IC, detector transformer and bandwidth selector for the IF stage.
Phase Locked Loop ICs with 3-pole low-pass filters in each channel for the MPX section.
Op'amp ICs lower output impedance to 100 Ohm.

Given Luxman's complex rebadge / rename / relook schemes there probably were a few "equivalent" units : apparently (you never really know with Luxman) the T-50A was related to the T-12 and T-4... the former being also a T-300X.
But the T-50A had something that was quickly becoming quite a rarity when it was produced : well balanced looks.

Like most of Luxman's late 1970s tuners, the 50A was built by SONIC.

Do read the extremly interesting review of the T-50A and of Luxman tuners and their multiple incomprehensible "versions" right here.

Luxman T-50A, image 1 Luxman T-50A, image 2 Luxman T-50A, image 3
Luxman T-50A specifications
Title Value
Receiving frequency : 87,5...108MHz
50dB quieting sensitivity : 75µs / 14,2dBf (2,8µV)
50µs / 14,8dBf (3,0µV)
IHF usable sensitivity : 10,3dBf (1,8µV)
S/N ratio : 75dB
Frequency response : 30Hz...15Khz (±1dB)
Mono THD : 0,08% (100Hz, wide)
0,08% (1Khz, wide)
0,2% (1Khz, narrow)
0,15% (6Khz, wide)
Stereo THD : 0,2% (100Hz, wide)
0,15% (1Khz, wide)
0,5% (1Khz, narrow)
0,3% (6Khz, wide)
Capture ratio : 1,0dB (wide)
2,0dB (narrow)
Adjacent channel select. : 10dB (narrow, ±200Khz)
Alternate channel select. : 80dB (narrow, ±400Khz)
40dB (wide, ±400Khz)
Spurious response ratio : 80dB
IF response ratio : 80dB
Image response ratio : 55dB
AM suppression ratio : 60dB
Stereo separation : 45dB (wide, 100Hz)
48dB (wide, 1Khz)
40dB (wide, 10Khz)
30dB (narrow, 1Khz)
Subsonic product ratio : 65dB
SCA rejection ratio : 60dB
Output : 1V / 100 Ohm
Muting threshold : 5µV...30µV
PC : 10W
Dimensions : 46,6 x 35 x 12cm
Weight : 6,5kg.
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