Luxman T-4

October   1 9 7 8 october 1978
1 9 8 0 1980

Part of the pre-modern Luxman, before the classic-looking C-5000a or L-58A, the T-4 was built by SONIC, a regular late 1970s Lux contractor for tuners who also built the T-12, T-50A and quite a few others.

Inside are CLL, PLL and AccuTouch circuits : CLL to tie all tuning circuits together (from input to IF and detectors), PLL to do what was done elsewhere and everywhere, AccuTouch to focus tightly on the desired tuning spot with a tuning locking becoming active once the tuning knob is released.

Mos-FET RF stage, 5-gangs, special Quad and transformer for the IF stage, separate tripolar filters for the MPX section, wide/narrow switching (two pairs of LC or ceramic filters), plus the addition for the EU models of an anti-birdie tripolar filter.

A welcome 100 Ohm low output, too ; the matching amp is the contemporary L-4.

A real (japanese) silver T-4 here and a black one here as well.

Luxman T-4, image 1
Luxman T-4 specifications
Title Value
FM section FM section
Frequency range : 87,5...108MHz
Input sensitivity : I10,3dBf (1,8µV)
50dB quieting thershold : 75s / 14,2dBf (2,8µV)
50s / 14,8dBf (3,0µV)
S/N ratio : 75dB
Frequency response : 30Hz...15Khz (± 1dB)
THD (mono) : 0,08% (wide, 100Hz)
0,08% (wide, 1Khz)
0,15% (wide, 6Khz)
0,2% (narrow, 1Khz)
THD (stereo) : 0,2% (wide, 100Hz)
0,15% (wide, 1Khz)
0,3% (wide, 6Khz)
0,5% (narrow, 1Khz)
Capture ratio : 1dB (wide, mono)
2dB (wide, stereo)
Adjacent channel selectivity : 10dB (narrow, ± 200Khz)
Alterate channel selectivity : 80dB (narrow, ± 400Khz)
40dB (wide, ± 400Khz)
IF rejection : 80dB
Image rejection : 55dB
AM suppression : 60dB
Stereo separation : 45dB (wide, 100Hz)
48dB (wide, 1Khz)
40dB (wide, 10Khz)
30dB (narrow, 1Khz)
SCA rejection : 60dB
Muting threshold : 5µV...300µV
Output : 1V / 100 Ohm
AM section AM section
IHF sensitivity : 250µV /m
1MHz image rejection : 50dB
1MHz IF rejection : 40dB
S/N ratio : 50dB
THD : 0,6%
General/HIDE] General
PC : 10W
Dimensions : 43,8 x 33,1 x 8,4cm
Weight : 6,5kg.
List price : 58,500¥
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