Luxman R-1120A

1 9 7 8 1978
1 9 8 0 1980

Part of the export-only Lux receivers which went from R-1030, R-1033, R-1040, R-1050, R-1070 or variants such as R-3030 or R-3045. Nothing like a good Lux myriad of plethoric versionsvariants !

The R-1120A is a late (and last ?) version of the ealier R-1120 : out went the discrete output transistors, the DIN tape connector, the third 'speaker terminals for electrostatic speakers, the meshed grill protection of the back heatsinks and the visible output transistors.

In came a pre/main loop, NEC EBT 200MHz fT drivers, NEC 60MHz hi-fT output transistors (200W Pc each) and, late as ever, a Dolby FM switch and its (optional) circuit board.

Being a 1978 design, it sports a Realtime DC Processed circuit, being a 1978 Luxman, the R-1120A has constant voltage pre-driver circuits.

The preamp section boasts an MC stage with parallel FET P and N complementary circuit and source follower output circuit with low gate current leakage.
The RIAA eq section uses low amounts of NFb with open loop gain following the RIAA curve, therefore an equal amount of NFb throughout the entire audible range.

The 4-gang Dual Gate MOS-Fet FM section is operated by Luxman's CLL tuning system (Closed Loop Locked : it extends locking control to all elements involved - local oscillator, front-end, IF and detector) and the AccuTouch system which locks everything down one second after the tuning knob has been left alone.

Being a 1978 component, the R-1120A also has two rows of flashy red LEDs and could receive an optional Dolby FM board (DUA1070) which few people actually ordered, got or even knew it existed...

Luxman R-1120A, image 1 Luxman R-1120A, image 2 Luxman R-1120A, image 3
Luxman R-1120A specifications
Title Value
Pre/Main section Pre/Main section
Power output : 2x 120W (8 Ohm, both channels driven, 20Hz...20Khz)
THD : 0,02% at rated power
IMD : 0,02% at rated power
Frequency response : 15Hz...100Khz (± 1dB)
Inputs : 0,18mV (phono 1)
2,7mv (phono 2)
180mV (lines)
1,6V (main in)
Phono overload voltage : 160mV (1Khz)
S/N ratio : 86dB (phono 2, IHF-A, 10mV input)
100dB (lines, IHF-A)
Residual noise : 1,3mV maximum
Channel separation : 75dB (lines, 1Khz)
Bass control : 2Khz (±13dB at 10Khz)
4Khz (±8dB at 10Khz)
Treble control : 200Hz (±6dB at 100Hz)
400Hz (±11dB at 100Hz)
Subsonic filter : 6dB/octave below 45Hz
High cut filter : 6dB/octave above 7Khz
Loudness control : ± 8dB at 100Hz (volume at -30dB)
Peak indicators : -24 / -21 / -18 / -15 / -12 / -9 / -6 / -3 / 0 / +3dB
FM section FM section
75µs 50dB quieting sensitivity : 14,2dBf (2,8µV)
50µs 50dB quieting sensitivity : 15,3dBf (3,2µV)
IHF usable sensitivity : 10,3dBf (1,8µV)
S/N ratio : 75dB at 65dBf
Frequency response : 30Hz...15Khz (± 1dB)
THD (mono) : 0,06% (wide, 100Hz)
0,06% (wide, 1Khz)
0,12% (wide, 6Khz)
0,2% (narrow, 10Khz)
THD (stereo) : 00,15% (wide, 100Hz)
0,1% (wide, 1Khz)
0,2% (wide, 6Khz)
0,5% (narrow, 10Khz)
Capture ratio (wide / narrow) : 0,9dB / 1,9dB
Image response ratio : 85dB
IF response ratio : 90dB
AM suppression ratio : 62dB
Stereo separation: 45dB at 100Hz (wide)
48dB at 1Khz (wide)
40dB at 10Khz (wide)
30dB at 1Khz (narrow)
Spurious response ratio : 100dB
Adjacent channel selectivity : 12dB (narrow, ± 200Khz)
Alternate channel selectivity : 80dB (narrow, ± 400Khz)
60dB (narrow, ± 300Khz)
48dB (wide, ± 300Khz)
Subcarrier product ratio : 65dB
SCA rejection ratio : 60dB
Muting threshold : 500 / 50 / 10µV (3-point)
Output voltage : 1V
AM section AM section
IHF usable sensitivity : 250µV /m
Image ratio at 1MHz : 50dB
IF rejection ratio : 40dB (at 1MHz)
S/N ratio : 50dB
General General
PC : 500W (full power, 8 Ohm)
Dimensions : 49 x 17 x 43cm
Weight : 17kg
List price : 995$
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