Luxman PD-350

1 9 8 3 september 1983
1 9 8 5 1985

Last and ultimate Luxman-by-Micro turntable, planned before but produced at the very moment the Alpine sale was happening.

Design-wise inherited from Micro are the mix of metals (aluminium + brass), the peripheral belt-drive, the (improved) VDS system, the one-piece chassis-feet-armbase and the heavyweight platter.

The platter weighs 9,5kg and is made of aluminium (top+sides) and brass (base) ; inertia moment amounts to 1200kg /cm2.

The motor is is a DC brush/slot-less FG Servo controlled ; I don't know if it was sourced from Pioneer like that of the PD-300 or from Matsushita like that of the PD555 or the SX-111FV or the PL-901...

The chassis is made of six c. 1cm thick steel plates bonded together ; two-tier separate armbases were offered in either diecast aluminium or brass, the latter being better and weighing 1,2kg.

The VS-300 VDS pump clearly was an improvement over the self-pumping system of the PD-300 bestseller which had a tendency to gradually loose pressure after the beginning of a record's B side : a servo was here included to monitor and keep even the air in/out flows.
The VS-300 also feeds the PD-350 its 20V DC running power ; the VS-300's T-tag is YAGI, based in Osaka, like Luxman until november 1983.

Given the scarcity of the info available counterbalanced with my knowledge of the brand, I suppose that he main production run of about 300 was carried in august 1983 with another 50 made in september for a total production of 350 (which would be very Lux :)
Luxman EU imported only one (in 220V).

Inherited from Luxman was the magnificent design still bearing notes of the 1982 X-1D CD prototype ; gone, however, was the X-5P prototype... and the 350 : if the smaller PD-310 sold somewhat ok, the PD-350 didn't.
Pity : it is the best Luxman/Micro turntable made.

Luxman PD-350, image 1 Luxman PD-350, image 2 Luxman PD-350, image 3
Luxman PD-350 specifications
Title Value
Platter : aluminium + brass
Ø 30cm / 9,5kg
Inertia moment : 1,2t /cm2
Speeds : 33 1/3rpm
Pitch control : ± 3% (independently for each speed)
Wow & flutter : < 0,025% (WRMS)
Full-speed ahead : 6 seconds
S/N ratio : 60dB (JIS)
PC : DC 20V (through VS-300 pump)
DC 20V (or through AS-300 external PS made for the few 220V exported ones...)
Dimensions : 49 x 17,5 x 39cm
Weight : 29kg.
List price : 240,000¥
VS-300 dimensions : 9 x 14 x 33cm
VS-300 weight : 6kg.
VS-300 price : 30,000¥
Supplied accessories : speed checking flash disc
level-adjustable disc clamp
Line Phase Sensor (on the VS-300 as well)
TF-xx armboards : diecast aluminium (5,000¥)
TG-xx armboards : gun metal (10,000¥)
TF / TG-MT : Stax UA-7, UA-9, UA-3
Grace G-704, G-714
Micro MA-505, MA-707X, MA-303, MA-101mkII, MA-77mkII
FR FR-64S, FR-64fx
Ortofon RMG-212
SAEC WE-308, WE-317, WE-407/23
AT AT-1503III, AT-1100, AT-1010
Dynavector DV-501
TF / TG-LH : Luster GST-801
Audiocraft AC-300mkII, AC-300MC, AC-3000S&B
Micro MA-808X, MAX-237, MA-505mkII
TF / TG-SG : Grace G-940, G-545F, G-840F, G-707, E-709, G-945
FR FR-54
Denon DA-305, DA-307, DA-309
Audiocraft AC-3000, AC-300A
Exelsound ES-801
TF / TG-LS : SME 3009SII, 3009SIII, 3010R
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