Luxman M-7

Luxman M-7i

1 9 9 6 january 1996
1 9 9 8 1998
October   2 0 0 0 october 2000

Part of the re-launch of Luxman : post-Alpine and built by AZDEN.
Or : the last period of actual worldwide visibility and proper sales - even if with much smaller lineups and shrinking distribution.

Circuits-wise, the M-7 is a (much) smaller M-10 but all the circuits are identical :OD ßeta (Optimized Dual ßeta), CSSC (Complementary Single Stagger Circuit), High Inertia Power Supply but no Twin Hybrid Diamond Buffer.
Hardware-wise, this consists of a big and multi-regulated toroidal transformer and two custom-ordered Elna For Audio caps.

The rest is like any 1987-1994 Lux component : five-point FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) composite base, mechanically decoupled & low-impedance power-supply, Line Phase Sensor, ultra select parts and two backlit big logarithmic meters which replaced the tiny but ultra-precise digitalia of the M-03, M-06 and M-07...

Later upgraded as M-7i (differences ?) then again as M-7f, this time for SACD bandwidth extension ; the original M-7 could be upgraded to M-7i status for 50,000¥.
The M-7 and 7i were also available on-order in Custom fashion with a slightly different front anodizing and solid aluminium top & sides replacing the wood enclosure.

The M-7 was built by AZDEN but the M-7i had a LUX T-Tag like the first run of M-7f.
That "LUX" tag wasn't a novelty : it had briefly appeared just before the Alpine sale. And after the M-7i, indeed, Luxman changed hands again and amps got to be made by AIMOR... like the M-7f or the M-8f.

Like all components since 1987, the massive extruded fronts were all made at Luxman''s with a high-precision CNC machine customed in... true Luxman tradition.

A real M-7 here and a real M-7i here.

Luxman M-7, image 1 Luxman M-7, image 2 Luxman M-7, image 3
Luxman M-7 specifications
Title Value
Power output : 2x 150W (stereo, 8 Ohm)
2x 230W (stereo, 4 Ohm)
1x 460W (mono, 8 Ohm)
Input sensitivity : 1V / 47kOhm (unbalanced, for rated output)
1V / 66kOhm (balanced, for rated output)
Gain : 31dB
THD : 0,004% (1Khz / 8 Ohm)
0,03% (20Hz...20Khz, 8 Ohm)
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (+1 / -0,1dB)
10Hz...100Khz (+0 / -1dB)
S/N ratio : 115dB (IHF-A)
Outputs : 4...16 Ohm through Speakon, banana or Y-lug
PC : 350W
Dimensions : 46,7 x 21,2 x 44cm
Weight : 26,5kg.
List price : 350,000¥ (M-7)
350,000¥ (M-7i)
350,000¥ (M-7f)
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