Luxman M-07

October   1 9 8 7 october 1987
1 9 9 4 1994

The famed M-05 direct replacement, the M-07 is a pure Class A monster with two AC cords (like a 05), two fans (like a 05), copper-all-over chassis (like a 05), eeenormous speaker terminals (those of the 05), two Line Phase sensors (those of the 05) and the same copper-plated heatsinks as the... M-05.

The main trafos weigh 9kg each, hand-wound from OFC wire ; the other trafos deal with the fans (two) and the digital readout (one) - that's five transformers in total. Bar the latter, the M-07 is two mono amplifiers into one big 52kg chassis.

The base is Luxman's FRP composite material, the front panel a solid 1,8cm thick extruded aluminium, the front input attenuators 12-point fixed-resistor items, internal wiring is entirely single-crystal PC-OCC and relays all gold-plated sealed nitrogen-gas.

The digital readout was "modern", even if some disagreed with that and prefered the VUs of the M-05... They work like those of the M-06, no more, no less.

The possible 400W mono mode (in Class A) and the presence of truly balanced XLR inputs allows to feed a pair of M-07 with the C-06 without going through an inverting amp - see the C-06 page for the circuit details.

One of my own two or three "dream" power-amplifiers.
(Providing I get the DP-07, DA-07 and C-06a as well.) (I know : it'll never happen.)

A real M-07 here.

As Lux catalogs from the late Alpine period are sort of poetic but very poorly illustrated, the top image comes from a spring 1988 Stereo Sound special 6-page fold-out article dedicated to the M-07.

The beautiful M-06 / M-07 shot below comes from the Lux catalog, in the form of an added free sheet on luxurious thick paper. Pity the eight other pages weren't on the level of that... These duet shots were used as two-page ads in Japan for the entire "6" and "7" series but buried under a true avalanche of text. Luxman is Luxman - always.

Luxman M-07, image 1 Luxman M-07, image 2 Luxman M-07, image 3 Luxman M-07, image 4
Luxman M-07 specifications
Title Value
Power output : 2x 100W (stereo, 8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, Class A)
1x 400W (mono, 8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, Class A)
Input level : 1V for 100W output (RCA, stereo mode)
1V for 400W output (XLR, mono mode)
Input impedance : 50kOhm (RCA, stereo mode)
100kOhm (XLR, stereo & mono mode)
THD : 0,008% (8 Ohm, rated power, stereo & mono modes)
Frequency response : 5Hz...300Khz (+0 / -3dB, stereo & mono modes)
S/N ratio : 110dB (IHF-A ; stereo & mono modes)
Damping factor : 500 (8 Ohm, 50Hz, stereo mode)
PC : 2x 280W
Dimensions : 43,8 x 22 x 47,4cm
Weight : 52kg.
List price : 750,000¥
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