Luxman M-05

October   1 9 8 2 october 1982
1 9 8 8

Magnificently impressive good looks and typical LUX quality, the splendid kind, radiant as a setting sun... not sure it will ever come back.

The M-05 ha quite a long production run, almost Accuphase-like, even if that happened only in a few markets and certainly not in Japan.

First presented in october 1982 as M-300 replacement, Luxman and Luxman/Alpine produced many M-05s... and sold just as much.
It is however probable only three or four production runs were made until 1984/85 and the enthusiastically accumulated overstocks were then sent to local Lux distributors for quiet selling at bargain prices until the late 1980s.

The M-05 is fully dual-mono, with Duo-ß circuits and Plus-X power supplies, superlative componentry, real Class A housed in non-magnetic and copper-plated aluminium chassis.

Also two "medical-quality" fans, a bridged mode, OFC wiring at the critical points, the all-important L/R grounding concentration into one point to achieve 0 potential - and then some plus the usual since 1980 Duo-ß, Plus-X and the not yet named STAR earthing system.

The main speaker terminals are directly coupled to the output devices ; the second outputs are dedicated to electrostatic loudspeakers with banana plugs and a Zobel network added for stability into reactive loads.

Optional but extra-rare were beautifully structured and anodized rack attachments and a massive wood enclosure, both Japan-only items.

The M-05 and C-05 started their life with a LUX T-tag and serial numbers for a year, switching to Alpine T-Tag after fall 1983, then Alpine serial numbers as well.

This powerhouse and the C-05 were the center of the october 1982 Luxmanism magazine.
There was only one other Luxmanism magazine : for the Alpine-built K-05 and K-04. End of an era.

Replaced after a very successful and long production run by the somewhat similar but different M-07.

Luxman M-05, image 1 Luxman M-05, image 2 Luxman M-05, image 3
Luxman M-05 specifications
Title Value
Class A power : 2x 105W (20Hz...20Khz, 8 Ohm, DIN)
BTL power : 440W (20Hz...20Khz, 8 Ohm, DIN)
THD : < 0,008% (20Hz...20Khz, rated output)
S/N ratio : > 120dB (IHF)
Input : 1,2V / 45kOhm
Frequency response : 10Hz...100Khz (+0 / -0,5dB)
Subsonic filter : 15Hz / ?dB/oct.
PC : ??
Dimensions : 46 x 21 x 43,7cm
Weight : 40kg.
Features Features
Dual-FET inputs in
3x push-pull in Darlington config. pre-drivers
3x push-pull HiFt drivers
Back-lit meters with Peak Hold function
Separate taps for electrostatic speakers
CC or DC inputs
2 cooling fans with three speeds
L and R input attenuators
Accessories : optional rack handles
optional wood enclosure (60,000¥)
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