Luxman L-570X's

1 9 9 2 may 1992
1 9 9 4 1994

30,000¥ Japan-only updated version of the L-570 bestseller.
Also part of the first units made by Azden for Lux before the switch of the entire production from Alps to Azden.

Partly redesigned circuit boards, newer i/o relays placed (even) closer to the actual terminals and switching both gnd and hot sides of the signals, bigger speaker terminals, redesigned constant voltage circuit, more dynamic power-supply/transformer, a general upgrade in capacitors with non-magnetic items, gold-plated tops, copper foil styrene, pure focus, and even purer PC-OCC copper wiring.

The rest is entirely the same : attenuator, Heat-Pipe, chassis, five-point FRP base and even specifications ; visually, the X's is entirely identical to the original L-570.

Of the three versions, the X's is the rare one : japanese audiophiles in late 1992 were still willing to go the full-tilt 500,000¥ boogie and many bought the ultimate L-570Z's - the real upgrade.

The X's circuit and hardware were reused in the later L-580 for the-same-with-a-newer-look.

A real 570X's here.

Luxman L-570X's, image 1 Luxman L-570X's, image 2 Luxman L-570X's, image 3
Luxman L-570X's specifications
Title Value
Power output : 2x 50W (Class A, 8 Ohm)
THD : 0,01% (8 Ohm, "direct" on)
IMD : 0,01% (8 Ohm, "direct" on)
Inputs : 2,5mV / 50kOhm (MM)
0,1mV / 100 Ohm (MC)
150mV / 47kOhm (5x line & XLR)
150mV / 47kOhm (2x tape play & processor loop)
S/N ratio : 86dB (MM, for 5mV input)
74dB (MC, for 250µV input)
108dB (lines)
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (MM, ± 0,3dB)
20Hz...20Khz (MC, ± 0,3dB)
10Hz...100Khz (lines, -1dB)
Tilt tone control : ± 4,5dB centered on 1Khz
PC : 270W
Dimensions : 43,8 x 17,6 x 46,7cm
Weight : 30kg.
List price : 380,000¥
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