Luxman K-12

1 9 7 8 1978
1 9 8 0

Slightly later, smaller version of the grand 5K50 which was added to the first Laboratory Reference Series in 1977/78.

Realtime Processed DC Amps (DC rec and play signal paths), Sendust Alloy Heads, reel-base motor physically distant from the capstan motor, 38-pulses FG servo capstan motor isolated with 3-fold magnetic shielding and anti-vibration rubber, full-IC feather-touch transport pads and Plasma level meters with fast 0,7s decay (no "plasma" here : just a regular FL tube).

Four guide rollers for constant back-tension, wide pad and new holding mechanism for constant pressure and stable frequency response, SKEW adjustment to obtain best azimuth and tilt heads position (with the XM tapes), high-precision roller with reflection plate to read counter real time (5K50 and K-12).

Dolby B NR, Metal tape compatibility (Type IV - EX), independent bias and eq settings, MIC mixing circuit, memory counter rewind, optional wired remote (with added auto-rewind and auto-play modes), timer rec/play switch and Rec Mute function.
The back hides a tiny switch to use the digital counter as "auto" or as "time counter"...

Otherwise... extra good looks (available here and there with an x-rare wood enclosure) and sturdy build-quality.

The K-15 topper added a third head for serious recording and tape/source monitoring but the K-12 was already very expensive for a mere two-head recorder : 995$ in 1980 !

Mechansism-wise, I still don't know if this was already Alpine-inside or not or, as for the 5K50, this was a home-made item in Luxman's newly-bought recorder factory...
If the K-10 was made by Copal Koki, the K-12 bears a Lux-A T-tag... and "A" sounds very much like Alpine.

Luxman K-12, image 1
Luxman K-12 specifications
Title Value
Heads : 1x Sendust rec
1x Sendust play
Motors : 1x FG servo
1x "electric governor"
Wow & flutter : < 0,04% (WRMS)
S/N ratio : > 60dB (Type IV ; Dolby OFF)
> 69dB (Type IV ; Dolby ON)
> 56dB (Type II ; Dolby OFF)
> 65dB (Type II ; Dolby ON)
> 53dB (Type I ; Dolby OFF)
> 63dB (Type I ; Dolby ON)
Frequency response : 30Hz...21Khz (Type IV ; ±3dB)
30Hz...20Khz (Type II ; ±3dB)
30Hz...16Khz (Type I ; ±3dB)
Total Distortion : < 1,2% (Type I ; 1Khz ; 0dB)
Real Analyzed Distortion : < 0,3% (Type I ; 1Khz ; 0dB)
Measured erasure ratio : 75dB
Measured tracks separation : 44dB
Measured crosstalk : 75dB
Measured rewind time : 64s (C-60)
Inputs : 100mV / 50kOhm (line in)
0,25mV / 50kOhm (MIC)
30mV / 1kOhm (DIN)
580mV / 220 Ohm (line out)
Outputs : 1mW (8 Ohm, phones)
Dimensions : 43,8 x 37 x 12,6cm
Weight : 10,5kg.
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