Luxman K-05

1 9 8 3 september 1983
1 9 8 6 1986

Like a few other Luxman units from the times, the K-05 isn't was planned in the first place : it was to be the small one !
However, the X-3K, the really very big one, sadly never went into production.

The GT Transport (not related to Yamaha's contemporary "Gigantic & Tremendous" tag), is the star of the show while the CTS was getting to be more common within other high-end tape decks... But the combined results made for quite a machine.

GT is a zinc-alloy diecast drive which includes two pairs of capstan bearings for perfect and forever perfect geometry of the closed-loop dual-capstan and 3-DD motor mechanism.

The heads are µ-aligned and 3-layer lamination (rec), HIP ferrite (Hip Isostatic Press) with special contouring (play) and sendust/ferrite wih assymetrical dual-gap (erase).

CTS is an automatic calibration system which sets bias, level and eq separately then correlatively to match the optimum points for all. A supplementary manual bias calibration pot allows the user to match his own optimum point.

The Dolby ICs were sourced from Hitachi and the inside hides an ALPS 4-way DIP switch to select high-frequency attenuation !

Duo-ß and DC configuration makes the audio circuits, with magnetic materials avoided. OFC wiring is used between the heads and the amps and the chassis is copper-plated ; power-supplies for each section are regulated.

Almost previsibly, the Luxman K-05 is an Alpine AL-90 in disguise !
The first hundred K-05s produced used an unmodded Alpine mechanism, the later ones had some mods performed but still, K-05 = AL-90.

Luxman's CTS system was originally named BLES on the AL-90 - whatever the marketing tag, CTS = BLES.
The display and layout of the electronic functions' panel are the same as on the AL-90. In fact... everything is the same.

If the X-3K had been produced, it would've been a Nakamichi DRAGON and Sony TC-K777ES killer, no doubt !
And an AL-90 killer, too.

Many many nudies of the heads (replacement), boards, VU, motor here.

Luxman K-05, image 1 Luxman K-05, image 2 Luxman K-05, image 3
Luxman K-05 specifications
Title Value
Tape speed : 4,75cm/s.
Heads : 1x 3-layer laminated sendust (record)
1x Isostatic Press ferrite (playback)
1x Dual-gap sendust/ferrite junction (erase)
Bias frequency : 105Khz
Erase frequency : 105Khz
Erasure ratio : > 69dB (125Hz, Type IV)
Capstan motor : 1x DD FG servo coreless/brushless/slotless DC
Reel drive motor : 1x DC
Head housing motor : 1x DC
Wow & flutter : < 0,022% (JIS/WRMS)
Type IV frequency response : 15Hz...27Khz
20Hz...22Khz (± 1,5dB)
Type II frequency response : 15Hz...22Khz
20Hz...20Khz (± 1,5dB)
Type I frequency response : 15Hz...22Khz
20Hz...20Khz (± 1,5dB)
S/N ratio : 73dB / 73dB / 71dB (Dolby C, Type IV / II / I)
67dB / 66dB / 64dB (Dolby B, Type IV / II / I)
60dB / 58dB / 56dB (Dolby OFF, Type IV / II / I)
THD : 1,5% (max., 1kHz/0dB, Type IV)
1,5% (max., 1kHz/0dB, Type II)
1,3% (max., 1kHz/0dB, Type I)
3rd harmonic Distortion : 0,6% (max., 1kHz/0dB, Type IV)
0,6% (max., 1kHz/0dB, Type II)
0,6% (max., 1kHz/0dB, Type I)
Inputs : 100mV / 50kOhm
Outputs : 550mV / 47kOhm
50mW / 8 Ohm (headphones)
Crosstalk ratio : > 46dB (channel, 1Khz, 0dB)
> 57dB (track, 1Khz, 0dB)
FF/REW time : < 80s. (C-60)
PC : 40W max.
Dimensions : 46 x 36,1 x 15,8cm
Weight : 11,5kg.
Additional features : CTS (bias, level, EQ)
Data Memory (bias, level, EQ)
Peak/VU meters
Timer rec/playback
Dolby B/C
AK-10 or AK-20 wired Remote control (optional)
Pitch Control
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