Luxman E-06

October   1 9 8 7 october 1987
October   1 9 9 0 october 1990

Companion of the C-06 and penultimate peak of the Alpine years, with the DP-07, DA-07, M-06 and M-07. The ultimate peaks would be the revised "alpha" versions of the three 06.

The E-06 is a step-up amp with CR phono stage built amazingly well with two toroidal transformers and two Ultimate Attenuator 32-steps fixed-resistor arrays for the variable outputs.

Circuit-wise, a back switch allows to take advantage of the C-06 balancing of the unbal signals ; two separate constant voltage power-supplies feed all.
The actual step-up transformers are four, two of different kinds (two for the above-mentioned signal balancing), and were custom designed with PC-OCC wiring and particular attention paid to core overlapping, shielding and wire diameter.

Other parts are equivalent to those of the C-06 : copper-encased toroidal trafos, epoxy PCBs, separate +/- rectifying circuits, non-magnetic chassis, nitrogen-gas gold-plated relays, copper-shielded hardwood enclosure (and everything else) and line-phase sensor.

Upgraded as E-06a in 1990 : the perfect one which sold... better !

A real E-06 here ; nudies and oscilloscope graphs aplenty (including of the smiling attenuators) at the indispensable

Luxman E-06, image 1 Luxman E-06, image 2 Luxman E-06, image 3
Luxman E-06 specifications
Title Value
Type : step-up transformer and CR phono equalizer
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz within 0,2dB
Inputs : 70µV / 35 Ohm (for 2...10 Ohm load, 1Khz, MC low)
200µV / 300 Ohm (for 10...100 Ohm load, 1Khz, MC mid)
2,5mV / 47kOhm (1Khz, MM)
Gain : 73dB (MC low)
64dB (MC mid)
42dB (MM, through)
Output : 10kOhm 32-steps fixed-resistor array (one per channel)
Output level : 300mV / 20 Ohm (1Khz, fixed & variable)
10V (maximum, 1Khz)
THD : < 0,005% (MM, 1Khz)
< 0,007% (MC, 1Khz)
S/N ratio : 76dB (MC low, IHF-A)
78dB (MC mid, IHF-A)
80dB (MM, IHF-A)
Channel separation : 90dB (10Khz)
PC : 40W
Dimensions : 46 x 12 x 40,8cm
Weight : 10kg.
List price : 260,000¥
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