Luxman DX-104

1 9 8 3 april 1983
1 9 8 4 1984

Exit the X-1D prototype (aka Alpine AD-7000), enter the Luxman DX-104 !

The DX-104 was built a few months before the Alpine deal, when Lux still was in Osaka ; the production run took place during the spring of 1983. The original US catalog was printed may 1983 but production had already started.

Keeping in mind that most 1980s Luxman CD players were made by Toshiba, and since the Alpine protos finally vanished in early 1982, the Aurex XR-Z90 was indeed the original...
The Kenwood L-03DP and its added Sigma Drive outputs also wound up in the Toshiba rebadge program.

There were other Luxman players, this time produced, that bore direct reminiscences of the Luxman-designed X-1D, but their lifetime and distribution remained brief and limited : D-03 (direct descendent, 1983) and D-405 / D-105 (1984).

All this amounts for Luxman to three completely different first generation CD players - very Luxman-like way of raising overhead and losing energy into crazy product planning.

The DX-104 (un)visibly wasn't distributed in many markets (at least France, Australia and the USofA), just like its Alpine original, and neither of them was made available in Japan ; it was originally named CP-01.

All about the DX-104 at the indispensable

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