Luxman DP-07

1 9 8 8 june 1988
1 9 9 2 1992

Like the DA-07 mate, the DP-07 CD drive was awarded accolades aplenty.

Resting on a special damping ceramic base (FRP), the 07 weighs 20 kilos. The top lid is a 12mm slab of aluminium, the laser assembly rests on another slab of diecast aluminium and the frame itself is made of a one-piece diecast aluminium. Each circuit function is isolated in its own compartment ; the top which receives the CD is irregularily shaped to further avoid resonances. Plus PC-OCC wiring, 70µ tracks - and more.
Strangely, unlike the very successful D-500X's contemporary player which used a Philips CDM CDM3, the mechanism and laser assembly of the DP-07 were supplied by Sony (KSS-190A) - mighty.
Available outputs are coaxial, TOS and ST with a switch to alter the level of the optical signal.

One of the most lavish CD combos ever produced which, however, sales-wise, didn't cut much in the groove of Sony's CDP-R1 bestseller : quite rare in Japan, extremely rare elsewhere but a few EU and US models were made.

Luxman DP-07, image 1 Luxman DP-07, image 2 Luxman DP-07, image 3 Luxman DP-07, image 4
Luxman DP-07 specifications
Title Value
Digital outputs : coaxial 0,5V p-p / 75 Ohm
TOS optical (660nm)
ST optical (820nm)
PC : 15W
Dimensions : 30 x 18,3 x 75,2cm
Weight : 20kg.
List price : 400,000¥
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