Luxman CL-40

1 9 8 3 september 1983
1 9 8 5 1985

Extra-extra-rare tube preamplifier launched spot-on during the Alpine sale.

The CL-40 is... read the USER description below - it has everything in detail as printed in the dedicated summer of 1983 export (or japanese) catalog.

Due to the sale, japanese T-Tag was only briefly LUX, then, of course, Alpine.
The LUX / Alpine sale prevented proper distribution as well and that is why the three 360s equivalents quickly came in (CL-360, MQ-360 and LX-360 integrated) to remain available during a much longer (but mostly export) time.

Along with its MQ-50 mate, the CL-40 received a Stereo Sound Best Product distinction (so did the 360s) and, like the contemporary LX38u, this 40/50 combo made the last of the classic and independent LUX, as featured in the third and last Luxmanism booklet, printed december 1983.
End of an era.

A Lux CL-40 here, an Alpine CL-40 here and an european CL-40 here.

Luxman CL-40, image 1 Luxman CL-40, image 2 Luxman CL-40, image 3
Luxman CL-40 specifications
Title Value
Tubes : 3x 12AX7A (7025)
2x 6BK7B (7028)
2x 6CG7 (7026)
1x 12AU7A (7030)
1x 12BH7A (7032)
Nominal output : 2V / 500 Ohm (pre out, rec out)
Maximum output : 20V (pre out, rec out)
Headphones amp output : 40mV / 8 Ohm
THD : 0,05% (MM, rec out, 2V / 1Khz)
0,05% (lines, pre out, 2V / 1Khz)
0,05% (monitor, rec out, 2V / 1Khz)
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (MM, ± 0,3dB)
1Hz...50Khz (lines, ± 0,5dB)
1Hz...50Khz (monitor, ± 0,5dB)
Inputs : 1,8mV / 50 or 100kOhm (MM, for 1V output)
170mV / 100kOhm (lines, for 1V output)
170mV / 100kOhm (monitor, for 1V output)
S/N ratio : > 81dB (MM, for 5mV input, IHF-A)
> 95dB (lines)
> 95dB (monitor)
Bass control : ± 7dB Lux NF
Treble control : ± 7dB Lux NF
Subsonic filter : 10Hz
Low-cut filter : 40Hz
PC : 50W
Dimensions : 47 x 16,8 x 40,2cm
Weight : 8kg.
List price : 330,000¥
Optional : TU-C40 complete set of tubes (available from the LUX JP service stations)
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