Luxman CL-38

October   1 9 9 3 october 1993
1 9 9 6 1996

Whenever there's a change of ownership, Luxman suddenly (re)produces ultra tube components.

In the case of the CL-38 and MA-88, Lux was at the same time celebrating its 70th Anniversary and preparing itself to wave goodbye to ten-year owner Alpine.

Like the ten-year earlier CL-50 which inaugurated the use of Duo-ßeta in a tube preamp, the CL-38 has a Duo-ßeta circuit but ads STAR earthing topology and very modern goodies :
1,6mm FRP non-resonant base, Line-Phase sensor, 70µ glass-epoxy PCBs, voltage-stabilizing large chokes in the power supply's B circuit, relay switching of all terminals, an NF tilt tone compensator, super parts and ever important, the Ultimate Attenuator.

The latter is a big box holding two glass-epoxy PCBs etched with 32 non-magnetic P-shaped gold resistors - in other words, a device like that of the Sony TA-E88B ('76). The best where it really matters.

The line-straight mode bypasses the monitor switch and NF tone compensator, effectively linking the signal from the input relays to the ultimate attenuator ; the line amp is placed after the attenuator.

The circuit is a two-stage amp with a cap coupling cathode and plate and a low 20dB NFb level ; 12BH7A tubes are used throughout and a 6CG7 for the tone compensator.

Dedicated power supplies feed the L and R channels separately for both the line amps and the tone stage, plus another for the power-on LED ; all regulated, of course naturally goes without saying, and everything copper-plated and copper-encased, too.

No phono stage : E-03 necessary for vinyl pleasures ; to make some economies of scale, the CL-38 is housed in the L-500 chassis (or vice-versa).

The CL-38 was made by Azden, like its MA-88 monoblock companions.

A real CL-38 here.

Luxman CL-38, image 1 Luxman CL-38, image 2 Luxman CL-38, image 3
Luxman CL-38 specifications
Title Value
Line inputs : 6x 170mV / 40kOhm
Tape monitor : 1x 170mV / 40kOhm
Preamp output : 1V / 10V maximum
THD : < 0,12% (1V output, 1Khz)
Frequency response : 20Hz...100Khz (± 1dB)
S/N ratio : > 98dB (IHF-A)
PC : 47W
Dimensions : 43,8 x 15,5 x 42,8cm
Weight : 18kg.
List price : 500,000¥
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