Luxman C-12

Luxman Luxkit A2012

1 9 7 7 september 1977
1 9 8 0 1980

Part of the beautiful and renowned series of ultra-slimline components taking things where the Laboratory Reference Series left off :
C-12, M-12, B-12, T-12.

Several other siblings were also around for those who couldn't spend 500,000¥ for a complete "12" set : L-10 integrated, T-10 tuner and the (completely different and not slimline at all) L-11.

The C-12 is a compact preamplifier based on the Lux Realtime-Processed DC circuit.
Regulated stage is in Class A, Realtime-Processed DC relies on a proprietary IC, the DML-01 and/or DML-02 which holds the 1st stage FET differential amp and its supporting cascode, current mirror and constant current circuits all in one (little) box.

The non-phono part of the first stage has a constant current cascode circuit and Class A SEPP output circuit : the flat amp section holds similar DML ICs arranged with an output circuit of constant current emitter-follower.
Those ICs are alas NLA and have proven not completely reliable...

The chassis was arranged so as to avoid long runs of wiring : EQ and flat amp are on one single boards, carefully arranged in dual-mono.
The volume control is (or seems to be) a 2- or 4-gang ALPS.
A small front pot allows to preset an attenuation level between 15dB and 40dB ; the attenuate switch bypasses that pot or mutes the signal entirely.
Output is a low 100 Ohm, too.

A Twin T-filter manages most of the DC circuit for the phono stage : caps and resistors sans active components, to remove the 5Hz...10Hz record warps and tonearm resonances without altering the musical signal.

Lux's usual Linear Equalizer was added, as inherited from the L-308 : 4-position up-tilt or down-tilt of the entire frequency response with 1Khz taken as turnover center. Very effective, smooth.

There are two versions of the C-12 : the one shown here and one which seems to have an added ground post and level pot at the back for... I don't know.
An optional wood enclosure was available but that is an xxx-rare item ; I don't even have its model number - it may have been a later import from the Luxkit lineups.

Luxman sold some C-12 but not nearly as much as the M-12 or B-12 amplifiers.

T-Tag is yet to be discovered but should (could) be an LCJ.
C-12s were "customed" by LCJ, customed meaning here that the 12s were limited edition - small numbers.

Still awaiting more from Japan even if the Luxman single-component japanese catalogs are almost always quite disappointing.

One C-12 in its wood enclosure at hifi-do's.
Warning, schematics and possible DML mods here.

Luxman C-12, image 1 Luxman C-12, image 2
Luxman C-12 specifications
Title Value
Output : 1V / 100 Ohm (PRE out ; 0,005% THD)
18V / 100 Ohm (max. ; PRE out ; 0,005% THD)
150mV / 100 Ohm (REC out)
18V / 100 Ohm (max. ; REC out)
THD : 0,005% (phono in > 2V rec out ; 20Hz...20Khz)
0,005% (line in > 2V pre out ; 20Hz...20Khz)
IMD : 0,002% (phono in > 2V rec out)
0,005% (line in > 2V pre out)
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (± 0,2dB ; phono)
1Hz...200Khz (- 0,5dB ; line)
Phono inputs : 2,3mV / 30 - 50 - 100kOhm (phono 1)
2,3mV / 50kOhm (phono 2)
Line inputs : 150mV / 50kOhm (tuner, aux 1 & 2)
150mV / 60kOhm (monitor 1 & 2)
S/N ratio : > 96dB (phono 1 & 2 ; 10mV input ; IHF-A ; input shorted)
> 100dB (lines ; IHF-A ; input shorted)
Input equivalent noise : -135dB/V (phono 1 & 2 ; IHF-A ; input shorted)
-117dB/V (tuner, aux 1 & 2 ; IHF-A ; input shorted)
-116,5dB/V (monitor 1 & 2 ; IHF-A ; input shorted)
Phono overload voltage : 300mV (1Khz ; RMS)
Channel separation : > 85dB (phono 1 & 2 ; 1Khz)
> 95dB (lines ; 1Khz)
PC : 15W
Dimensions : 43,8 x 36,3 x 7,8cm
Weight : 6,5kg.
Listprice : ?
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