Luxman C-1000

1 9 7 5 march 1975
1 9 7 7

Second component launched for Luxman's 50th anniversary, alongwith the M-6000 and just after the L-100 integrated.

The phono input has two cascoded pairs of transistors in the differential comparator stage with another cascoded pair following the first 2 pairs as main section plus a Class-A push-pull output stage to make up a unique ideal discrete "Op-amp". High overload capability and four power-supplies.

The phono EQ section itself is a one-stage differential DC amplification with cascode amplifier.

The flat amp also is a cascoded DC circuit ; all emitter-follower buffer amplifiers use constant current circuitry.

The NF type tone controls use and emitter-follower made of 2 transistors where one is used for emitter-follower while the other for the constant current purpose.
Transistors are all "encapsuled in steel cases for absolute resistance to moisture and humidity".

The attenuator is, like that of the L-100, a thick film on ceramics switched attenuator.

The Touch Mute function mutes the output by 16dB at the touch of the related button and cancelled when touching the attenuator. This was changed from the original L-100 where mute ON / mute OFF was done only with the attenuator's inner and outer areas - it must have disoriented some people...

Added to the C-1000 are one L/R speaker terminal (from the power-amp) and two L/R speaker terminals (to speakers) for switching from the front panel speakers while having the headphones' output operational and receiving the different signals back.

Phono 1 has a 30k...100kOhm input impedance pot next to the Phono 1&2 -5...+5dB input sensitivity.
The Aux 1 and tuner inputs also have (back) pots for input level.

Weight and heatsinks notwithstanding and bar the added touch-mute switch, and redesigned pilot lamp, volume, NF controls and input knobs (all without rubber rings), the C-1000 looks exactly like an L-100 ; frequency response and output voltage were however upped a little.

The C-1010 is a 20,000¥ cheaper pared down version : no touch-mute, no Aux 1 input level pot and only one DIN i/o but otherwise fully identical.

There was a C-1000x prototyped in 1975, planned to be teamed with the C-5000... prototype ; the 1000x was not produced and the C-5000, produced four years later as C-5000A, turned out to be very different.

Luxman C-1000, image 1 Luxman C-1000, image 2 Luxman C-1000, image 3
Luxman C-1000 specifications
Title Value
Output voltage : 1V
13V max.
Frequency response : 2Hz...80Khz (-0,5dB)
THD : < 0,007% (2V output, 20Hz...20Khz)
Inputs : phono 1 (2,5mV / 30kOhm...100kOhm, gain 0dB)
phono 2 (2,5mV / 50kOhm, gain 0dB)
tuner & aux 1 (150mV / 70kOhm)
aux 2 (150mV / 25kOhm)
S/N ratio : > 65dB (phono 1)
Max phono level : 420mV (1Khz, RMS)
RIAA accuracy : within 0,2dB
Residual hum & noise : ?
Crosstalk : ?
Low tone control : 150Hz / 300Hz / 600Hz
High tone control : 1,5Khz / 3Khz / 6Khz
Low cut filter : 10Hz with 18dB/octave
70Hz with 12dB/octave
High cut filter : 7Khz with 12dB/octave
12Khz with 12dB/octave
Semi conductors : 92 transistors
59 diodes
1 "military class potentiometer"
PC : ?
Dimensions : 48,5 x 17,5 x 24,5cm
Weight : 10kg.
List price : 200,000¥ (1975)
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