Luxman C-05

October   1 9 8 2 october 1982
1 9 8 8

Quite a long production run - almost Accuphase-like !

First presented in october 1982 in Japan (as the DAD input recalls) as replacements for the C-300 and M-300.
Still very good looks and, of course, typical LUX quality - but we already are very near to ALPINE ownership : if the first batches of C-05 were T-tagged by LUX, later ones, most of the total production run, were all T-tagged by Alpine.

The C-05 is fully dual-mono, with Duo-ß circuits and Plus-X power supplies, superlative componentry, housed in non-magnetic and copper-plated aluminium chassis.

The pre-production C-05 had a peculiar twist :
besides a phono and phono+subsonic input position which was carried onto the production model, the DAD/Aux input could also be switched with a subsonic. What subsonic-inducing warp could be present in a CD is anybody's guess :) That position was subsequently changed for a regular "line".
Also, the third Phono 2 position was initially set at 47kOhm but later changed to 50kOhm.

According to some owners, the C-05 isn't the super topper the M-05 is and there is "something slightly not quite right" with its sound signature... Maybe a problem with some production runs ?
Nevertheless available in some markets until the very late 1980s : Alpine obviously had "large" stocks inherited from the Luxman product planning :).

The day my current ES and pre-Esprit separates fall apart (slim chance for the latter), I think I'll go for a C-5000a with an M-05 - and a C-05 on the side for coherence !

A real C-05 in its EXTRA-EXTRA-EXTRA-RARE wood enclosure : here.

Luxman C-05, image 1 Luxman C-05, image 2 Luxman C-05, image 3
Luxman C-05 specifications
Title Value
Output : 1V / 32 Ohm nominal
18V maximum
THD : < 0,005% (MM, 1V output)
< 0,01% (MC, 1V output)
< 0,002% (line, 1V output)
S/N ratio : > 80dB (MC, IHF-A, 250µV input)
> 90dB (MM, IHF-A, 5mV input)
> 110dB (line, IHF-A)
Inputs : phono MC (100µV / 50 Ohm or 100 Ohm)
phono MM (2mV / 50kOhm)
tuner / aux / DAD (150mV / 47kOhm)
Phono overload : 250mV (1Khz, RMS)
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (±0,2dB, phono)
2Hz...100Khz (±0,5dB, line)
Subsonic filter : ??
PC : 17W max.
Dimensions : 46 x 13 x 44,2 cm
Weight : 11kg.
Accessories : optional rack handles
optional wood enclosure
List price :
380,000¥ (1982-1985)
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