Luxman C-02

1 9 8 3 june 1983
1 9 8 6 1986

The Status Series C-02 and M-02 didn't begin their lives as such : they were planned as C-400 and M-400, taking over the C-300 / M-300 combo, with the styling of the L-550 for the C-400.

Both prototypes were presented at the march 1983 french Hi-Fi Fair but were revised quickly thereafter to become the C-02 and M-02, smaller siblings of the already available C-05 and M-05.

Unlike the M-400 which barely changed when becoming an M-02, the C-400 did change a lot to become the C-02 - see the Invisibilia section of TVK for the one (and only ?) image of it.

The C-02 however saw an intermediary version which landed in the catalogs as late as 1987 (!) but which wasn't produced : same design but large finish differences which clearly lean toward the C-120A in its later/european matte version, better specifications and 1,5kg heavier, too- see Knobber images #5 and #6.

The C-02 was export-only but technically typical of those last pre-Alpine years which were to last only a few more months :
Duo-ßeta, Circuit S, plus-X power-supply, Single-Stage amplification - if you know the L-430 or L-550 circuits, then you know the C-02 !

Class A stages, OFC wiring for the MC transformer, variable gain "special device" at the EQ stage for low-output MC carts compatibility (sans sacrificing tonal quality), NF tone controls in an NFb loop around the output stage, 220 Ohm low impedance output and I believe a 4-gang ALPS attenuator.

However, it seems the planned high-end status of the original "400" combo was well kept in the M-02 but not in the C-02 : construction is rather banal with lots of wiring and sturdy but pressed metal chassis.

Luxman didn't care to show the inside of it in its catalogs and this is probably the result of that : Alpine was very near indeed.

Luxman C-02, image 1 Luxman C-02, image 2 Luxman C-02, image 3
Luxman C-02 specifications
Title Value
pre-prod. C-02 specs added in bright brackets
Pre output : 1V / 220 Ohm {100 Ohm}
Maximum pre output : 18V
Rec output : 130mV / 220 Ohm
Maximum rec output : 18V
THD : 0,005% (line, 2V output)
Frequency response : 5Hz...100Khz (± 0,5dB, line level) {± 0,3dB}
20Hz...20Khz (± 0,3dB, phono)
S/N ratio : 75dB (MC, IHF-A, 250µV) {77dB}
85dB (MM, IHF-A, 5mV) {90dB}
110dB (line, IHF-A, 1V)
Inputs : 100µV / 47kOhm / 100 Ohm / 300 Ohm (MC)
2,0mV / 50kOhm (MM)
130mV / 47kOhm (line)
Max. phono level : 12mV (MC) {15VmV}
250mV (MM) {280mV}
Bass turnovers : 200Hz or 400Hz (± 8dB)
Treble turnovers : 2Khz or 4Khz (± 8dB)
Low boost : +8dB at 100Hz
Subsonic filter : 30Hz (6dB/octave)
PC : 17W
Dimensions : 45,3 x 8,1 x 31,5cm
Weight : 5,5kg. {7kg}
List price : ??
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