Lecson Lecson

1 9 7 3 1973
1 9 7 8 1978

True design landmarks, unfortunately fairly forgotten nowadays, the original Lecson components were the AC1 preamplifier and three versions of a tower amplifier - AP1, AP1x and AP3MkII. Added later on was an even more rare FM1 tuner.

If the console styling was attempted by many after the Lecson units (the ugly Marantz "Layla", some Sony cuties and a host of others), none managed to come up with something as utterly refined as the british original.
Boothroyd/Stuart later went on to successfully launch Meridian and design some more excellently designed units, if somewhat less striking.

The combo was reviewed in HFN&RR by Martin Colloms in october 1977, for an update on the original may 1977 review.
Mr Colloms noted that the AP1X amp had seen major (positive) changes but that there was a problem with the AC1 preamp phono stage, akin to overload and noise.

The images on this page come a 1990s reprint of said HFN&RR 1977 issue (below) and an x-rare october 1978 japanese catalog (right) which also displayed the SP1 and LB1 loudspeakers, the latter being a sort of preview of what NHT (Now Hear This) loudspeakers would be like... 25 years after the original Lecson :)

The specialist of these units, Steve, can be reached here and if you click the "USER" button below, you'll have a full review of the AC1, AP1, AP1x and FM1 to read !
Here is another link to big images of the Lecsons, in Germany. You will also find there the UK 1977 review and a more recent Meridian press kit.

Allen Boothroyd's own industrial design website is here.

Stan Curtis, who bought and continued to develop Lecson after the initial AC1 / AP1, can be reached here.

The entire and very detailed LECSON history here.

I have managed to gather other sources, mainly japanese, since posting this page... difficult to find, whether in the flesh or on print.

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