Kyocera T-910

1 9 8 4 1984
1 9 8 8 1988

Part of the Kyocera 900 Series but later addition to the 910 lineup, the T-910 was export-only.

Unlike the bigger C-910, B-910, DA-910 and A-710 (the A-910 version of the 710 being another export-only version), the T-910 wasn't as lavishly built, circuit-wise...
Do read the FM Tuner website review for more about this and the "USER" section here for the complete description !.

Strange souvenir of an old and in 1985 long-since buried idea, the T-910 has de-emphasis switch for Dolby encoded broadcasts plus a Dynamic Noise Reduction System, "quadrature detectors", two FM IF sections for normal or narrow bandwidths (the wide/normal strip benefitting from linear-phase ceramic filters) and 19/38Khz cancellers built into the FM MPX demodulator.

Convenience-wise, 8 AM and 8 FM stations can be stored in memory each with its wide/narrow mode and antenna A or B input choice.

Built like all first generation Kyocera on a ceramic composite resin base that efficiently suppresses most of the vibrations. It is, however, like all such compounds (Sony's SBMC, Technics' BMC and others) rather fragile when it comes to sudden precise shocks and easily breaks in pieces. It is nevertheless very efficient and quite immune to little scratches.

Kyocera sadly didn't sell many but the T-910 still represents one of the few proper design slants ever applied to an entire lineup and is the most elegant of the entire series, if not the most elegant FM tuner ever made.

Even if we are here sound-wise far from a Sony ST-A7B, needless to say, I want one.

The top image comes from a c. 1986 USA A5 catalog kindly provided by Joseph Somsel ; all the rest comes from my own 1984 USA catalog.

Kyocera T-910, image 1 Kyocera T-910, image 2 Kyocera T-910, image 3
Kyocera T-910 specifications
Title Value
FM section FM section
Usable sensitivity : 9,8dBf (1,7µV)
50dB quieting sensitivity : 4,8dBf (3,0µV)
35dBf (31µV)
Selectivity : 40dB (IF normal)
85dB (IF narrow)
S/N ratio : 82dB (mono, DNR off)
84dB (mono, DNR on)
76dB (stereo, DNR off)
81dB (stereo DNR on)
THD : 0,06% (mono, 1Khz)
0,07% (stereo, 1Khz)
Capture ratio : 1dB
Spurious rejection : 95dB
IF rejection : 120dB
Image rejection : 85dB
Subcarrier product ratio : 65dB
Stereo separation : 58dB (1Khz)
Output level : 1V (fixed)
0...1V (variable)
AM section AM section
Usable sensitivity : 280µV (loop antenna)
10µV (ext. antenna)
IF rejection : 60dB
±20Khz selectivity : 45dB
THD : 0,3%
Output level : 0,3V (fixed)
0...0,3V (variable)
PC : 18W
Dimensions : 43 x 11 x 30cm
Weight : 12kg.
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