Kyocera CX-S1

Kyocera CX-S2

October   1 9 8 5 october 1985
1 9 8 7 1987

Kyocera meaning Kyoto Ceramics, it was normal Ky would make audiophile ceramic accessories.

It is quite possible Kyocera was the original provider of the AudioTechnica AT600 ceramic platter mat which was rebadged by four other brands (Aikoh, Nippontoki, Kenwood and Sony, all very rare items) and it is quite possible Kyocera, retiring from audio activities later in the 1980s, provided Sony (and others) with ceramic powder feet for the famed and terribly successful X7 series of CD players.

Ky having been however rather discrete despite a large OEM activity, through Cybernet, acquired in 1982, the CS-X1 sold very little because they were advertised... not at all.

These feet weren't present in the original 900 Series components but appeared with the very well built DA-7CX CD player : four CS-X1 under it (the feet, with metal inlay) and four more CS-X1 inside it (without metal inlay), mechanically decoupling the main audio board from the chassis.
Density is that of aluminium (2,7) but resistance to weight is of 1350kg /mm2 and the inlay is made of massive OFC copper !

As far as I know, the CS-X1 weren't used anywhere after the DA-7CX and DA-9CX... They weren't expensive, though : 5000¥ for a set of four.
Kyocera later on made CX-S2 and CX-T1b models, only for exterior use and with OFC copper inlays.

Judging by what the spare Sony ceramic feet I have do to the sound reproduction when placed under anything and even a PS-X800, the CS-X1 should have sold like hotcakes !

A real set of three CX-S1 here and a set of four here.

Kyocera CX-S1, image 1 Kyocera CX-S1, image 2
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