Kyocera B-910

October   1 9 8 4 october 1984
1 9 8 6 1986

Part of the Kyocera 900 Series and Class A monster able to output... 2x 35W !

The original japanese and export versions are however different beasts : the original is a Class A room heater, the export version is Class B powerhouse.
The actual power-boards' population are therefore somewhat different ; this is very Luxman-like :)

The trafo in the japanese version is a bigga 490VA round-core, the two main caps are 50V / 33,000µF bottles and the overall circuit also is a single-stage push-pull as in the C-910 ; the ps caps are 100V / 1000µF ELNA for audio.
The output transistors are the Toshiba 2SC3280 / 2SA1301.

The export models (ie. USA) upped the trafo to 600VA but sadly have a headphone terminal added left of the front plate and lower 27,000µF main caps.
It was told the export version (or the early tentative of an export version) had a Class A / Class AB selector but I've never seen this pre-version...

Read the "USER" section : it holds the complete technical description !

Built like all first generation Kyocera on a ceramic composite resin that efficiently suppresses most of the vibrations.
It is, however, like all such compounds (Sony's SBMC, Technics' BMC and others) rather fragile when it comes to sudden precise shocks and easily breaks in pieces. It is nevertheless very efficient and quite immune to little scratches.

The three FCL modules have only one problem : the glue used inside ages very fast when allowed to remain under a certain temperature - leave your Ky ON all the time.

At 300,000¥, Kyocera sadly didn't sell many but this still represents one of the few proper design slants ever applied to an entire lineup, the B-910 being the most coherent of all.
Needless to say, I want one.

Post made with a mix of the original japanese (october '84) and american ('84) catalogs.

Nudies aplenty of the JP original here and here.

Kyocera B-910, image 1 Kyocera B-910, image 2 Kyocera B-910, image 3 Kyocera B-910, image 4
Kyocera B-910 specifications
Title Value
Power output (JP model) : 2x 35W (8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, 0,01% THD)
2x 45W (6 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, 0,015% THD)
2x 60W (4 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, 0,02% THD)
Power output (US model) : 2x 150W (8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz)
2x 200W (4 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz)
Input : 1,5V / 30kOhm (JP)
2V / 30kOhm (US)
THD : 0,005% (JP, 8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, -3dB)
0,01% (JP, 4 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz, -3dB)
0,02% (US, 8 Ohm)
0,03% (US, 4 Ohm)
Rise time : 1,2µs (US ; 10Khz)
Slew rate : 350V / µs (US)
Frequency response : DC...200Khz (JP ; +0 / -3dB)
DC...200Khz (US ; 1W / -3dB)
S/N ratio : 120dB (IHF-A)
Damping factor : 100 (JP, 8 Ohm, 50Hz)
150 (US, 8 Ohm, 50Hz)
Subsonic filter : -6dB/octave below 6Hz (JP-only, c-coupled)
PC : 450W (JP)
520W (US)
Dimensions : 43 x 21 x 40cm
Weight : 27kg.
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