Kyocera B-901

October   1 9 8 1 october 1981
1 9 8 3 1983

Part of the very first Kyocera audio components made under Kyocera's own name and not under the recently acquired Cybernet, the latter having been and still being today a major OEM provider.

Although originally presented at the Japan Audio Fair of october 1981, the 901 separates were to remain (shortlived) export items : Japan only saw the later 910s : DA-910, C-910, B-910.

Yet, Kyocera's main export target, the US of A, also saw two "10s" : the A-910 (a very beefed up A-710) and the second version of the DA-910. These were however export-only.
Also, later on but in microscopically infinitesimal amounts, the PL-910, the B-910 and C-910.

The B-901 is a dual-mono, dual-transformer amplifier with vari-bias circuitry (?), a triple push-pull of MOS-Fet output transistors and DC structure everywhere.

TIM is reduced with two two-pole compensators, slew rate and rise time are swift and... the one and only (undated) mini-catalog the B-901 and C-901 were shown in before being replaced by the 910s doesn't say more than this !

Kyocera B-901, image 1 Kyocera B-901, image 2
Kyocera B-901 specifications
Title Value
Power output : 2x 130W
(8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz : 0,01% THD)
Slew rate : 120V /µs
Rise time : 0,9µs
Dimensions : 45 x 16 x 41cm
Weight : 22kg.
List price : 300,000¥
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