Kenwood L-1000D

1 9 9 0 1990
1 9 9 5 1995

Part of Kenwood's penultimate high-end set, alongwith the L-1000M power-amp, L-1000C preamp and L-1000T FM tuner - unfortunately all quite bland looking and sloppily designed.
But the L-1000D, behind its "melted ice-cream" façade and slim-line height, was technically superlative.

Two power trafos, magnetic rails drive, select and discrete componentry throughout, 70µ boards, copper shielding with added bus bars, stabilized loading tray (à la CDP-R1a or CDP-R3) and really balanced analogue circuit with transformer-balanced XLR outputs.

The d/a section is made of two chips (unknown) working in tandem at 4x oversampling with an elaborate sample/hold section but without Noise Shaping which Kenwood called New DPAC ; signal is transmitted through stages by way of opto-couplers.

Laser-wise, the L-1000D sports a Sony KSS-152A set within a custom-ised loading assembly ; total size is 44 x 13,1 x 38,7cm and weight 14kg.

There are two versions of the L-1000D which can be spotted easily : one has a round LED protruding next to the "pause" scripting, the other has the two "play/pause" LEDs encased in the play/pause button.
I don't know if there were other differences, inside, such d/a, drive or KSS...

Nudies of the L-1000D here.

Kenwood L-1000D, image 1
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