Kenwood L-02T

Kenwood L-02T Pro

October   1 9 8 1 october 1981
1 9 8 5 1985

As all things done over the top, opinions diverge : some say the L-02T is the absolute best tuner ever made while some keep a cooler stance at this more than excellent tuner...

Produced during what proved to be Kenwood's last period of audio visibility and healthy sales, the L-02T is an item discussed at length everywhere, like the Sequerra or the Marantz Model 10B.

If it received "Grand Prize" accolades in Japan (but second to the PCM-F1 :), it sold far less than the very successful L-02A in Japan and remains far more of an Invisbilia item today than something one can actually buy every now and then outside Japan...

The finishing touch and last measurment happened during august 1981, exactly two months before the opening of the Japan Audio Fair.

The L-02T Pro is a true Invisibilia version which indulged in seeing its sale price double (600,000¥ !) in exchange of BNC connectors, XLR balnced output circuits and terminals, a better epoxy material for all PCBs and 24H function testing prior to shipping ; but for the tuning knob, both version are visually identical.

Images of a european 02T here, a (very) discording opinion here, a french review here, the FM Tuner info page here and nudies of a japanese original here.

Kenwood L-02T, image 1 Kenwood L-02T, image 2 Kenwood L-02T, image 3
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