Kenwood KT-1000

1 9 7 9 september 1979
1 9 8 1 1981

Companion of the KA-1000 and not to be mistaken with tha late 60s KT-1000... or the late 60s KA-1000 !

The 1979 KT-1000 is what came before the famed L-02T and L-03T and just after the L-01T.

Direct RF Conversion
to eliminate interference by bypassing the RF stage (at the expense of a sensitivity loss...)

Pulse Count Detector
is like PWM applied to FM : an IC samples and averages individual waveforms, packs them into digital equivalents then reconstitutes them into a precise replica of the original (analogue) signal. No noise, no temp changes when compared to a regular ratio discriminator.

Double IF Conversion
reducing the IF signal to 1,9MHz instead of the normal 10,7MHz provides better control, lowest noise and narrows the maximum deviation rate down to ± 75Khz.

digital Sample/Hold MPX
... like the Pulse Count Detector system but applied to the MPX section.

Otherwise, as in the KA-1000, "non-magnetic" design (ie. plastic) to reduce "previously hidden source of dynamic distortion", touch-sensor servo-lock tuning, DC MPX circuit, independent local oscillator power supply, 19Khz pilot canceller circuit, normal/direct RF conversion switch, wide/narrow switch for FM and AM, automatic muting selector and automatic servo-lock activation.

Despite its great scale design and real glass front, the KT-1000 isn't free of faults, and seemingly sold rather poorly... Everybody already had a L-01T !

Kenwood KT-1000, image 1 Kenwood KT-1000, image 2 Kenwood KT-1000, image 3
Kenwood KT-1000 specifications
Title Value
FM section FM section
Usable sensitivity : 10,3dBf (1,8µV) normal
23,3dBf (8µV) direct
50dB quieting (mono) : 16,4dBf (3,6µV) normal
29,3dBf (16µV) direct
50dB quieting (stereo) : 37,3dBf (40µV) normal
49,5dBf (166µV) normal
S/N ratio : 90dB (mono)
85dB (stereo)
THD (wide / narrow) : 0,03% / 0,04% (mono at 100Hz)
0,03% / 0,15% (mono at 1Khz)
0,05% / 0,3% (mono at 6Khz)
0,04% / 0,07% (mono at 15Khz)
0,08% / 0,3% (mono at 50Hz...10Khz)
0,04% / 0,3% (stereo at 100Hz)
0,04% / 0,3% (stereo at 1Khz)
0,06% / 0,3% (stereo at 6Khz)
0,4% / 1% (stereo at 15Khz)
0,12% / 0,6% (stereoo at 50Hz...10Khz)
Capture ratio (wide / narrow) : 0,8dB / 2dB
300Khz alt. channel selectivity (wide / narrow) : 45dB / 65dB
Stereo separation (wide / narrow) : 60dB / 50dB (1Khz)
47dB / 35dB (50Hz...10Khz)
40dB / - (15Khz)
Frequency response : 15Hz...15Khz (± 0,5dB)
Spurious response ratio : 120dB
Image response ratio : 90dB
IF response ratio : 110dB
AM suppression ratio : 70dB
Subcarrier product ratio : 73dB
Antenna impedance : 75 Ohm unbalanced
Frequency range : 88MHz...108MHz
Output level : 0,75V / 2,2kOhm (fixed, 400Hz, 30% modulation)
0...1,5V / 2,2kOhm (variable, 400Hz, 30% modulation)
AM section AM section
Usable sensitivity : 10µV
S/N ratio : 52dB
THD : 0,2%
Image rejection : 70dB
Selectivity : 30dB (wide)
50dB (narrow)
Output level : 0,75V / 2,2kOhm (fixed, 400Hz, 30% modulation)
0...0,5V / 2,2kOhm (variable, 400Hz, 30% modulation)
General General
PC : 0,18A
Dimensions : 44 x 12,3 x 38,8cm
Weight : 6,5kg.
List price : 69,800¥ (1980)
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