Kenwood KP-1100

Kenwood KP-9010

1 9 8 5 1985
1 9 8 8 1988
1 9 9 1 1991

Absolutely deceptive looking turntable hiding everything under near-blank looks.

What's to be hidden is the big diecast frame you can see here which was meant to be the center of a sort of "mechanical closed-loop". As in all of Kenwood's production since 1978 (LS-1900, L-07D, LS-1000 etc), rigidity was the engineering goal but at less than 100k¥ it was difficult to re-do the L-07D...

So in came the "Closed Loop Frame Structure" which took everything into account : motor+arm (like Micro), enclosure (rendered thus almost "external"), bottom plate and dustcover.

The DC DL motor (Dynamic center Lock), developed earlier, has paterned slits cut on the shafts' surface and a thin film of special oil which allow very low friction but high-rigidity and durability ; speed tracking rely on a twin-circuit servo linked to a Hall element, with care taken on temperature variations.

The DS tonearm (Dynamic Stability), developed earlier as well, is of the knife-edge type and although it looks like "electronica", it isn't.

The KP-1100 sold very well, got a few magazine covers and was replaced by the exactly identical KP-9010 in 1988 which sold just as well (in Japan) ; both were T-tagged by either OKN, CDK and, mostly, Seiko Ind..

Kenwood KP-1100, image 1 Kenwood KP-1100, image 2
Kenwood KP-1100 specifications
Title Value
Drive Drive
Type : DD
Motor : slotless/coreless with Quartz PLL
Startup torque : 2kg /cm
Inertia moment : 450kg /cm2
Wow & flutter : 0,005% (FG direct read)
Speed deviation : ± 0,003%
Time drift : < 0,0005% /h
Temp drift : > 0,00005% /°C
Voltage drift : 0% (±10V)
S/N ratio : 90dB
Load characteristic : 0% up to 470g
Platter : diecast aluminium 1,9kg / 33cm Ø
Tonearm Tonearm
Type : J-shaped static balance
Effective length : 24,5cm
Overhang : 15mm
Tracking error : +1,8°...-1°
Tracking force : 0...3g (0,1g steps)
Cartridge weight : 2...12g
General General
PC : 14W
Dimensions : 49 x 18,2 x 41cm
Weight : 14,5kg.
List price : 99,800¥ (KP-1100, 1985)
99,800¥, then 110,000¥ (KP-9010)
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