Kenwood KL-777D

1 9 7 4 1974
1 9 7 7 1977

The more the merrier for "an earth-shaking experience in bass realism" and close to the earlier KL-777 and KL-7090 firing squads

Woofer :
Aluminium voice coil bobbins for better heat dissipation and power handling, perforated woofer cone cap, cone made of NBKP and canadian pulp for less breakup, long voice coils for linearity, a special acoustic filter in the bass-reflex port made of rolled & corrugated PVC which prevents standing waves.

Low-Mid :
AlNiCo-driven mylar cone cap driver with 200µ aluminium deposit, corrugated edge, aluminium bobbin and long voice-coil.

High-mid :
Mylar horn with Kenwood equalizer very near the mylar film for better high range response.

High :
Pair of AlNiCo driven cones with diffusers for wide-angle dispersion.

Super-high :
Aluminium-coated mylar film with AlNiCo magnet.

Firing-squad or not, not many of today's high-end speakers have that much AlNiCo in them !

Kenwood KL-777D, image 1 Kenwood KL-777D, image 2 Kenwood KL-777D, image 3
Kenwood KL-777D specifications
Title Value
Drivers : 1x 40,6cm bass cone
1x 12cm mid cone
1x mid horn
2x 5cm tweeter cones
1x 3cm super-tweeter cone
Enclosure : bass-reflex
Maximum input : 130W
Sensitivity : 98dB / 1W / 1m.
Frequency response : 20Hz...22Khz
Repartee : 800Hz
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Finish : walnut grain
Additional features : 3-step tone selector
1-touch connection terminals
Dimensions : 44,5 x 66 x 28cm
Weight : 22,6kg.
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