Kenwood KL-777

1 9 7 2 1972
1 9 7 5 1975

The ultimate firing squads !

In the literature, it is stated that, more than the parts themselves, it is the sum of the various parts making a loudspeaker that make the latter's quality. Quite a sum in this case :)

Variants are the "bigger" KL-7090 or the KL-777D and probably others made for specific markets...

The KL-7090 or KL-777D aren't really bigger, really... just different, with a horn instead of the Mylar super-tweeter. Or whatever amunition necessary for straight shooting.

Kenwood KL-777, image 1 Kenwood KL-777, image 2 Kenwood KL-777, image 3
Kenwood KL-777 specifications
Title Value
System : 4-way with 5-drivers
Drivers : 1x special 38cm bass with long-throw suspension
2x wide-range 13cm cone
2x high-pressure horn
1x super-tweeter with Mylar membrane
Max. power : 100W
Impedance : 8 Ohm
Response : 25Hz...22Khz
Repartee : 800Hz
SPL : 102dB
Filter slope : 12dB/oct.
Dimensions : 41,8 x 62,5 x 27,5cm
Weight : 22,5kg.
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