Kenwood KD-500

Kenwood KD-550

1 9 7 6 1976
1 9 7 8 1978

Not yet Kenwood's big push toward high-end but nevertheless sporting what was then becoming a widespread trend : composite materials !

So, the base is made of plastic granulates, stone powder and mineral fibers, all (com)pressed together under high heat.

The underside is formed so that no possible resonating cavity remains. This composite was later on used on lower-end Kenwood tables.

Available as a drive (KD-500) or with a stock tonearm (KD-550).

I'm sure the KD-500 would be a nice affordable drive to re-discover.

Kenwood KD-500, image 1 Kenwood KD-500, image 2
Kenwood KD-500 specifications
Title Value
System: "studio turntable"
manual operation
Direct Drive
Motor: DC servo-controlled
Platter: 30cm Ø, diecast aluminium
Speeds: 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Pitch adjust: ± 8%
Wow & flutter: below 0,03% (WRMS)
below 0,05% (DIN 45507)
S/N ratio: -70dB (DIN 45500)
Tonearm: static lateral balance
S-shape, lightweight wand
Eff. length: 23,7cm
Overhang: 1,5cm
Tracking error: ± 1,5°
Tracking force: 0...4g
Cartridge weight: 5...12g
Supplied cartridge: Kenwood V-46 (MM)
Shape: 0,5mil diamond, elliptical
Output: 0,3mV (1Khz, 5cm/s.)
Frequency response: 10Hz...25Khz
Tracking force: 1,5g (± 0,5g)
Impedance: 50kOhm
Stylus: N-46
PC: 9W
Dimensions: 50,2 x 16,2 x 38,2cm
Weight: 15,5kg (KD-550)
14,9kg (KD-500)
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