Kenwood KC-6060

Kenwood KC-6060A

1 9 6 9 1969
1 9 7 1 1971
1 9 7 3 1973

Slightly revised version of the 1969 KC-6060, the 6060A offered and still does hours and even days of marvelling at waveforms drawing patterns on the green-ish 3" tube !

From 0,1V peak-to-peak, to left or right waveforms, stereo spread displays, monaural lines to FM multipath... plus a built-in 1Khz oscillator, a built-in sweep generator from 10Hz to 100Khz and, of course, solid-state circuitry.
All the diagnostics the fascinated hifi buffs would spend hours to comment and interpret.

The next step was going pro and using the real Trio/Kenwood 'scopes for the pros - and knowing what stinkers most amplifiers and tuners really are.
And that isn't as much fun as not fully understanding the little green alien messages on the tube !
Innocence (and imagination) is bliss.

Kenwood KC-6060, image 1 Kenwood KC-6060, image 2
Kenwood KC-6060 specifications
Title Value
Input : 25mv p-p/cm at front input
250mV p-p/cm at rear input
Frequency response : DC...200Khz (-3dB)
Input impedance : 250kOhm
Input capacity : < 40pF at front input
< 60pF at rear input
Input : 25mv p-p/cm at front input
250mV p-p/cm at rear input
DC...200Khz (-3dB)
< 40pF at front input
< 60pF at rear input
Sweep gen' Sweep gen'
Sync : 10Hz...100Khz in four step
internal (-)
OSCILLATOR freq. : 1Khz (± 10%)
Output : 1V RMS (max.)
Calibration (test) 0,1V p-p (± 5%)
Inputs & outputs : audio IN (L & R, front & rear)
FM multipath (V & H), oscillator output
Wave form (L & R)
Stereo / Mono Display
FM Multipath
CRT : 3"
Componentry : 4 FETs
19 transistors
14 diodes
PC : 25W
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