JVC VS-5399

1 9 7 3 c.1973

Contemporary of the Panasonic SB-636 (aka Lucille, aka Technics SB-530), JVC/Victor came up with skyscrapers of modest size but sizeable efficiency and convenience.

"Designed to fit inconspicuously into the corners of a room - tastefully finished in walnut - diffuses sound richly, faithfully, evenly throughout the room - handling up to 20W in peak power - two tweeters and two woofers facing at a 90° tangent to one another - enhances the decor of practically every room - two surcfaces in walnut, two surfaces fitted with attractive aluminium grilles - heavy duty ferrite magnets - specially designed metal grilles act as mid and high range diffusers - 2" tweeters handle all frequencies above 6000Hz - bass reflex enclosure - ideal for 4-channel usage - compact and highly efficient at 94dB/W - predominance of 2nd harmonic distortion - easy to to drive with 8 Ohm nominal impedance."

Slim columns of sound : a uniquely designed 4-speaker loudspeaker - what more could anyone want for stereo sound ?

JVC VS-5399, image 1 JVC VS-5399, image 2 JVC VS-5399, image 3
JVC VS-5399 specifications
Title Value
Bass drivers : 2x free-edge 10cm cone
High drivers : 2x 5cm cone
Power handling : 20W peak
Efficiency : 94dB /w /1m
Minimum required input : 10W RMS per channel
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Frequency response : see response graph
Crossover point : 6Khz
Dimensions : 130cm x 20 x 20cm
Weight : 6kg.
Finish : walnut & aluminium
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