JVC TT-101

1 9 7 7 may 1977
1 9 8 4 1984

Very successful LP drive sold as such in Japan and Germany. In other words : the last two markets really alive with high-fidelity... today !

All tagged with the HMV logo (His Master's Voice) and original components of the Laboratory series, these were either sold as drives or as integrated players, complete with Victor's UA tonearms and CL-P plinths.

Many integrated players which used the same drives and/or Double Bi-Directional Servo technology were available as well like, among others : QL-10, QL-7 or QL-F6, all based on the TT-101, TT-81 or TT-71 drives.

The Double Bi-Directional Servo, as its name suggests, adds to a conventional FG Servo a second quartz-lock servo section loop outside of the drive itself.
Double phase comparison offers negligible drift and no fluctuation under heavy load conditions.

This precision also allows a unique feature : the control of the pitch withn ±6Hz around the A fundamental (440Hz) without switching off the Quartz locking !

The motor itself is a coreless DC with 180 slots where the servo is applied on both positive and negative areas to avoid speed overshooting when started or when correcting speed.

While Sony was at the time butchering with absent-minded marketing its own best effort (TTS-8000), Pioneer only taking only a few dips (PLC-590, PLC-1700, PL-1800 - Exclusive P3 notwithstanding), only Denon and, to a lesser degree, Technics executed this kind of program as proficiently as Victor.

However, it was mostly Victor's professional LP players that were widely accepted in the japanese broadcasting studios with big guns like the JL-B1000P, the original Victor professional record player the TT-101 series and later TT-801 came from.

And if the TT-101 series is almost completely unknown outside Japan and Germany, it is nevertheless one of the best LP record player system ever made, tonearms included.

It sold previsibly less than the TT-81 and TT-71 but it still is easy to find.

JVC TT-101, image 1 JVC TT-101, image 2 JVC TT-101, image 3
JVC TT-101 specifications
Title Value
Motor : FG detecting Coreless DC Servo
Drive type : direct-drive
Servo type : Quartz Lock +/- Servo
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Pitch range : ±6Hz from 440Hz
Speed change : electronic / electronix switches
Rise time : 0,6s (33 1/3 rpm ; 60° turn)
Wow & flutter : 0,020% (WRMS)
S/N ratio : 65dB (IEC)
75dB (DIN-B)
Stating torque : 1,8kg/cm
Overshoot : within 2%
Load characteristic : 0% under 120g
Drift characteristic : 0,0001%/hour
Source variation within ±10V : unaffected
Quick stop : within 1s
Deviation from nominal rpm : within 0,002%
Turntable : 31,6cm / 2,05kg
aluminium diecast
Dimensions : 35,8 x 35,8 x 15cm
Weight : 10kg.
Mounting diameter : 28,1cm (round)
List price : 150,000¥ (1977...1984)
Optional : UA-7082 / 7045 / 5045 tonearms
CL-P3 / P2 / P1 plinths
X-1II / 1IID / 1IIE / 1IIED cartridges
Z-1 / Z-1D / Z-1E / Z-1ED cartridges
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