1 9 9 5 1995
1 9 9 8 1998

Part of JVC's ultimate set of high-fidelity components, all bearing the HMV tag (His Master's Voice) reminiscent of Victor's 1927 foundation with 100% american origins.

This last set really was complete and partly high-end :
SX-V1 2-way and SX-V7 3-way 'speakers, AX-V1 amplifier with (impressive) one-piece diecast enclosure, TD-V1 k7 recorder, RK-V1 rack and XL-V1 CD player (not the 1982 XL-V1).

The QL-V1 was however not all that high-end and I even doubt it was actually made by Victor : 1995 is the moment many renowned japanese manufacturers like Denon (DP-900M) or Pioneer started relying on external OEM providers for products belonging to the last gasp of the end of the diminished trail...

The image of the motor+arm shown below doesn't ooze actual sturdiness or quality and is obviously close to a cheap and streamlined ensemble ready to be inserted into anything.

The tonearm itself looks very much like the low-end Jelco, as used in other items such as the recent Luxman PD-171 or extra-mega-ultra overpriced Denon DP-A100.

None of this means the QL-V1 and QL-V1M are bad turntables. But from what is offered to the eye, this for sure wasn't and never will be worth 200,000¥, even if the rebadged Jelco is OFC-wired and the optional puck is made of brass !

(Btw : anybody knows of the differences between the V1 and V1M ?)

Images of both versions there : QL-V1 and QL-V1M and the blank base of it here.

JVC QL-V1, image 1 JVC QL-V1, image 2 JVC QL-V1, image 3
JVC QL-V1 specifications
Title Value
Type : Direct-drive
Motor : high-torque DC / FG controlled
Speeds : 33 1/3rpm
Wow & flutter : 0,025% (WRMS / JIS C521)
0,008% (peak, FG measured)
Full speed ahead : 1,3s (33 1/3rpm)
Torque : 1,5kg /fcm
S/N ratio : 75dB (DIN B)
Platter : Ø 30,8cm / 3,3kg
Tonearm : S-shaped
Effective length : 22,9cm
Offset angle : 22° (± 1°)
Tracking error : +2°...-1°20'
Overhang : 15mm
Cartridge weight : 17g...29g (including headshell)
PC : 6W
Dimensions : 44 x 18,3 x 36cm (dustcover down)
44 x 43,5 x 40,5cm (dustcover up)
Weight : 13,5kg.
List price : 200,000¥ (QL-V1M, 1996)
Accessories : AL-HW1J supplementary counterweight (8000¥)
AL-CL1J brass puck (10,000¥)
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