JVC LX-3000R

JVC LX-3000

1 9 7 7 1977
1 9 7 9 1979

The era of separates naturally called for each brand to produce many sets of shelves, enclosures, cabinets, racks, consoles and furniture-like ensembles meant to keep all their silverish gold cleanly and impressively in the owner's home.

If the high tide of such products happened during the 1970-1972 early QUAD period with all-in-ones of the super-size and woody kind, several brands kept full programs or at least of a few lavish designs available after that flurry of monsters and until the end of the 1970s.

At the extremes of the possibilities, Matsushita had one of its fully-owned affiliates do only that (..), while Luxman sadly never bothered to go there. Pioneer made some for its "Project X9" ensemble (not nearly as lavish) and Sony for its BC sets (TA-F5, ST-A5, EL-5, VT-M5 etc). But it is Victor who made the one and only well remembered console rack : the LX-3000R.

Eye-catching because of the way the design intelligently "cheats" about the differing top and bottom widths (a 3,8cm difference - finesse is of the essence), the LX-3000R could however host fairly high-end components, unlike most other brands' efforts on such early integration : the turntable spot was made for the TT-81 drive and its CL-P1 plinth !

Available in many flavors and named differently depending on the destination market, in Japan, the Center Console System was available in two shapes : Type 1 and Type 2, mid-end or high-end, the content of which you'll find in the next images.

There also was an LX-7000R costing the sizeable amount of 149,000¥ (three times an LX-3000 !) but I have yet to find images of it.

This post is to answer the continuous flow of eMails sent by people asking for details about that JVC rack. It took me three years to find the dedicated japanese catalog.
Now this is done - rendez-vous in three years for the LX-7000R ;-)

JVC LX-3000R, image 1 JVC LX-3000R, image 2 JVC LX-3000R, image 3
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