1 9 7 2 c.1972

Extra-rare loudspeakers seemingly made specifically for the US market, during that short period everybody went for trendy designs : 1972 - 1974. Technics made the T-100 in the same manner.

The literature says these were designed by Danny Seki.
Good for him but Dan-Seki is a japanese description for "terraced hillside"; something which suits the JVC-3 very well.

So either Mr Seki had a very short design career and a spot-on pre-destined name or the marketing of JVC America mixed a little, a lot, its press facts :)

The JVC JVC-3 nevertheless has a tuned walnut enclosure, a woofer with barium-ferrite bass magnet & heat-resistant voice coil and, mainly, a "revolutionary soft-dome tweeter" which "pulsates to emit a radial non-directional hemisphere of sound".

The front grille/mousse/foam was available stock in cashmere tan and, optionally, in orange.
An orange hemisphere of sound... we're in 1972 allright !

The JVC-3 seems to have been part of a series of components but I have nothing on the others (if any) - anyone ?

JVC JVC-3, image 1 JVC JVC-3, image 2
JVC JVC-3 specifications
Title Value
Type : 2-way / 2-speaker
wide directional system
heavily braced walnut cabinetry
Woofer : 1x 25cm free-edge
Tweeter : 1x 3,5cm soft dome
Frequency response : 35Hz...20Khz
Power handling : 50W peak
25W RMS max.
12W RMS min.
Efficiency : 92dB /W (50cm on axis)
Crossover : 1,8Khz
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Dimensions : 59 x 34 x 26cm
Weight : 15kg.
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