Hitachi DA-800

Hitachi Lo-D DAD-800

1 9 8 3 may 1983
1 9 8 5 1985

Foreseeing the future rather clearly, Hitachi very quickly presented an alternate model to its ubiquitous DA-1000 original.

Built around the same diecast aluminium base and the same d/a technology as the vertical elder (16bit + 2x fs), the DA-800 wasn't nearly as good-looking as the DA-1000 but did hold the result of 140 patents Hitachi applied for its digital devices just the same.
Even if most of the crucial patents for CD came from Philips who was on to digital laser audio since... 1964. Yep.

Digital discs were indeed thundering over the market in '84/85 so the understated looks might have been a fair warning toward all the rest which CD would erase in less than ten years.
However, the inital DA-1000 sold much better :-) Even if the DA-800 was a much more solid chunk of metal than its vertical elder... and much cleaner inside, too.

Shortly after this formal introduction of its newly-found horizontal future, Hitachi launched the Japan-only HDA-001 / DAP-001 drive/dac combo (aka DAD-001) but wouldn't ride nearly as high nor as long as Sony with CD combos (CDP-552ESD + DAS-702ES, CDP-553ESD + DAS-703ES and CDP-R1 + DAS-R1) - if one can be a major OEM supplier, one doesn't necessarily win outside the OEM deals.

Available in Japan as Lo-D DAD-800 and briefly available outside Japan in silver fashion - striking.

More about the DA-800 at the indispensable

Hitachi DA-800, image 1 Hitachi DA-800, image 2 Hitachi DA-800, image 3
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