Harman/Kardon Citation Twelve

Harman/Kardon Citation Twelve Deluxe

1 9 7 0 c.1970
1 9 7 6

Wideband powerhouse with "computer grade" componentry, low phase shift, swift rise time, two big power trafos, four bigga' capacitors and two pairs of bipolar transistors to produce 2x 60W of clean and loud music up to 100Khz - with class and deluxe appearance.

"The Citation 12 uses a differential comparator input circuit that automatically balances for zero DC offset voltage at the speaker terminals. Negative feedback is thus applied across the entire frequency spectrum.
Crossover distortion is maintained at low levels by carefully controlling the idling current which changes amplifying mode between Class B and Class AB.
The power output section utilizes a quasi-complementary configuration to insure absolute balance and symmetry at the clipping points. Elimination of output coupling capacitors also permits extended low frequency response without phase distortion.

The Citation Twelve will reproduce frequencies as low as one Hz with extremely low phase shift ; the 20Hz square wave is virtually the same as the generator.
Two thermal cutouts remove power from the output stage when heat build-up exceeds 80°C ; two series-type limiting relays protect the amplifier from short circuits. High degree of feedback reduces distortion without sacrificing stability.

The Citation® 12 is also available as a kit for kit builders.

The Citation 12 Deluxe is a Twelve with an added [beautiful] enclosure and brushed aluminium front ; that version remained distributed in Japan until late 1979.
Classic class which should deserve that other h/k name : Festival !

A most interesting and very documented 1981 review and mods' project by Nelson Pass here.

Harman/Kardon Citation Twelve, image 1 Harman/Kardon Citation Twelve, image 2 Harman/Kardon Citation Twelve, image 3
Harman/Kardon Citation Twelve specifications
Title Value
Power output : 2x 60W RMS (20Hz...20Khz @ 0,2% THD, 8 Ohm)
Peak power output : 2x 120W
Power bandwidth : 5Hz...35Khz (@ 0,2% THD)
THD : unmeasurable at normal listening levels
< 0,2% (rated power, 20Hz...20Khz)
IMD : < 0,15% at all power levels
S/N ratio : > 100dB below 60W output
Damping factor : 40
Frequency response : 1Hz...70Khz (± 0,5dB @ normal power level)
1/2Hz...100Khz (± 1dB @ normal power level)
Phase shift : < 5° at 20Hz
Rise time : > 2µs @ 20Khz
Input : 1,5V / 30kOhm for 60W output
Construction : close point to point wiring with bussbar ground
PC : 200W max.
30W idle
Dimensions : 31,1 x 14 x 31,7cm
Weight : 13,6kg.
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