Harman/Kardon Citation 17

Harman/Kardon Citation 17S

Harman/Kardon Seventeen

1 9 7 5 1975
1 9 7 8 1978

Last preamplifier before the sale to Beatrice Food and subsequent departure of the US-built Harman/Kardon.

The proeminent feature, the EQ, uses broad slopes for its two extreme points (50Hz and 8Khz) to tailor the sound rather than correct it ; active circuitry is used.
The volume pot is a 32-step / fixed-resistors attenuator while the headphones is fed by the connected power amp's loop through, allowing direct speaker selection from the Seventeen as well. Reaction to square waves is exemplary and the phono stage is difficult to overload.

Even if discreetely, at least more so than Pioneer or Marantz, Harman Kardon was tops and chose to show its Art not with more buttons, functions or displays but by remainig true to its name : Citation.

Produced as well was a rare EQ-less and blackface Citation 17S and an even more rare black version Citation 17 with added rack handles made to fit an optional wood / rack frame called RPM.

"Ideally, a preamplifier should behave as though it were a "straight wire with gain".
Any change in the input signal (other than amplitude) must be regarded as a form of distortion. A preamplifier should have wide bandwidth, no trace of harmonic or intermodulation distortion, no phase shift, no transient distortion, no hum or noise and a broad dynamic range.
The Citation Seventeen comes remarkably close to achieving this theoretical ideal.

Harman/Kardon Citation 17, image 1 Harman/Kardon Citation 17, image 2 Harman/Kardon Citation 17, image 3
Harman/Kardon Citation 17 specifications
Title Value
Output amplifier Output amplifier
Audio output : up to 14V RMS into 2200 Ohm or greater
Frequency response : below 5Hz to beyond 125Khz (±0,5dB)
below 3Hz to beyond 270Khz (-3dB)
Square wave rise time : < 1,3 ms at 20Khz, 0dB attenuation
Square wave tilt : less than 5% at 20Hz
THD : less than 0,001 at 2V RMS output
IMD : less than 0,0025% at equivalent 2V RMS output
Outputs : 2x headphones, 2x rec-out,
2x pre-out, 2x speaker pairs
Output impedance : less than 100 Ohm
Load impedance : 2200 Ohm or greater
S/N ratio : 92dB below 2V RMS
Inputs : 3x aux, 2x tape,
2x phono, 1x tuner, 1x power amp feed-through
Input sensitivity : 200mV for 2V RMS output
Input impedance : 20kOhm
Subsonic filter : -3dB at 20Hz, 12dB/oct.
High cut filter : -3dB at 8Khz, 12dB/oct.
Volume control tracking : ±0,5dB, 0dB to -60dB attenuation
Turn-on delay : 5 to 8 seconds
Phono preamplifier Phono preamplifier
Equalization : RIAA (± 0,25dB)
THD : < 0,002%, 5V at tape output, 1Khz
IMD : < 0,0025% equivalent 5V tape output (RIAA inverter used)
S/N ratio : > 80dB below 10mV input reference at 1Khz
Input sensitivity : 2,8mV for 2V output, 1Khz
Input impedance : 47kOhm, ±5%, 80pF
Overload : > 18mV at 20Hz
> 180mV at 1Khz
> 1,8V at 20Khz
General General
PC : 21W max.
Dimensions : 40,6 x 12 x 30,5cm
Weight : 9kg.
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