Grundig C100L

Grundig C110

1 9 6 5 1965
1 9 6 7 1967

Philips wasn't the only one to prepare the miniaturization of tape recorders - and much before miniaturization was to mean "electronics" only, it meant making things smaller, easier to handle and, thus, cheaper.

So Grundig launched the DC International cassette: "self-threading" available in 2x 45 or 2x 90 minutes and run at 5,08cm per second, allowing a 40Hz to 10Khz frequency response.

Pre-recorded tapes were available only in 45 minutes flavor, albeit in "full-track" while recordable DC split the tape width in two for doppel recording time - as for tape speed, Grundig was here preceding Philips :-)

TELDEC, aka TELefunken + DECca, were at the DC International standard with Grundig.
However, DC failed - according to the lore, it was because Sony, already a major force in the industry, chose to support the Philips format...

Anyway, as often, the competing formats were pretty similar and both were then strictly monophonic, too - 1000ZXL s and TC-K777 s still were a good 15 years ahead in the (un)forseeable future.

Grundig C100L, image 1 Grundig C100L, image 2 Grundig C100L, image 3
Grundig C100L specifications
Title Value
Tracks : 2 (one each side)
Tape speed : 5,08cm/s
Frequency response : 40Hz...10Khz
Playing time : 2x 45' (DC90)
2x60' (DC120)
Monitor loudspeaker : 2W output
Power on : 6x 1,5V (C100L)
110...240V 50/60Hz (C110)
Input / Outputs : MIC / radio / phono in
earphone / external monitor out
Dimensions : 29 x 19 x 9cm
Weight : 3,5kg.
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