Denon DTR-2000G

Denon DTR-2000

1 9 9 2 may 1992
1 9 9 7 1997

If the display and audio sections were home-made, Denon's late entry into the home DAT format was made with an OEM base from Panasonic, ie. with the indestructible RAA1001 mechanism.

The d/a section is Denon's 20bit Lambda (LAdder from Multiple Bias DA) : dividing the PCM stream in two (positive / negative) to avoid zero-cross distortion ; this is done at the MSB level and the two d/a ICs themselves are BurrBrown's PCM61P.
The a/d section is (I believe) an 18bit delta-sigma, the digital filter is an NPC SM5813APT and SCMS is inside, of course.

The rest is nothing too distinguished : pressed metal chassis, "lightweight" 8,5kg weight and a basic plastic remote. T-Tag comes, previsibly, from Columbia and some batches even had a "Columbia 80th anniversary" badge added.

The DTR-2000G sold well but is nowadays sought after not for its sound, beauty or features but for its RAA1001. Denon's portable DAT recorders were also OEM'ed, from Casio.

The DTR-2000G also existed in black fashion (export mainly) under the DTR-2000 name. And it also existed in Japan as a Lo-D (Hitachi) DAT-8000.

See the Technics SV-DA10 for another view of the RAA1001 and this japanese page for nudies.

Denon DTR-2000G, image 1 Denon DTR-2000G, image 2 Denon DTR-2000G, image 3 Denon DTR-2000G, image 4
Denon DTR-2000G specifications
Title Value
Tape speed : 8,15mm/s
Search speed : x250
ff/rew speeds : x400
Sampling frequencies : 32Khz (digital in)
44.1Khz (digital in)
48Khz (analogue & digital in)
Frequency response : 2Hz...22Khz (± 0,5dB)
S/N ratio : 90dB
Dynamic range : 90dB
THD : 0,008%
PC : 17W
Dimensions : 47 x 12,2 x 32cm
Weight : 8,5kg.
Remote control : R-409
List price : 128,000¥
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