Denon DP-900M

Denon DP-900MII

1 9 9 7 1997
2 0 0 2 2002

Denon's last turntable - or something of the kind : the DP-900M was also available by Pioneer under the name of PL-PM2000, M standing for "Pure Malt".

The DP-900M is the original of a mini-series. It was perhaps sourced in large part from Victor (in a much down-scaled version) and its QL-V1, the latter being part of Victor's very last high-end audio system.
The later DP-500M, its bigger DP-1300M and DP-1300M MKII siblings all have a tonearm highly reminiscent of that of the Technics SL-1200MKII series and, indeed, these three were sourced from Technics who probably had a stock of spare parts to unleash before closing the Technics brand in 2005.

Unlike the Pioneer and the DP-900M, the DP-500M, DP-1300M and (still available today) DP-1300M MKII have detachable IEC plug and non-captive output leads.
If the original DP-900M was made in Korea, the later DP-1300 went to Taiwan and the 1300mkII to... China.

The drive and speed system is the same as those Denon oldies : magnetic platter imprints with detection reading head. The enclosure is made of "medium density materials borne out of fiber-glass".

The DP-900M isn't a particularily distinguished turntable, certainly not looks-wise or even technically. Last discrete stand for what made that brand's reputation - far from the DP-100M. Although I have heard terrible reviews about it over here, maybe it sounds amazingly good elsewhere ?

The DP-900MII is the same with a less tacky faux-wood finish but still cheaply covered MDF and also made in Korea.

The more recent DP-A100 is just as much an OEM thing, despite Denon's efforts to make it look like a big thing à la DP-80 : it's only a DP-1300 MKII with a bigger base and glossy black finish...

A real 900M here ; a real 900MII here.

Denon DP-900M, image 1
Denon DP-900M specifications
Title Value
Type : Direct-Drive turntable
PLL frequency detection
Speeds : 33 1/3rpm
Speed deviation : < 0,003%
Wow & flutter : < 0,1%
S/N ratio : 70dB
Platter : 33,1cm diecast aluminium
Tonearm : S-shape, static balance
Effective length : 24,6cm
Overhang : 1,5cm
Dimensions : 50,4 x 18,6 x 40,7cm
Weight : 13kg.
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