Denon DP-80

1 9 7 8 august 1978
1 9 8 1 1981

Through Denon's trademark magnetic imprint + reading head system, the DP-80 claimed a 99,998% speed accuracy, along with a 75dB s/n ratio.

A thousand pulses are imprinted here which makes a 555,5Hz frequency used for speed detection and/or correction.

The DP-80 and its smaller DP-75 sibling would be later on sold as integrated players with a very different base and tonearm : DP-80, DP-75M.
The DP-70M and DP-70L are also related with nearly identical specs but for the lower load resistance, startup torque and a simplified double-platter system.

Then came systems which others were inaugurating at the same time, 1978, s seen in the Yamaha PX-1, Sony PS-B80, Pioneer PL-L1000, Diatone LT-1) using "sensing" arms of sorts, which Denon, once hooked to the thing, called Dynamic Servo Tracer, as used in the integrated tonearm of the DP-100M monster or the DP-59M bestseller.

The DP-80 was old-school and remains as such thirty years after the fact. And that is exactly what makes it exactly that, old fashioned, but much more reliable than early all-out electronica.
The DP-80 also was part of a Denon broadcast player base, the DN-92F - Japan-only, of course.

The DK-300 base shown here is made of thin slabs of wood, treated with a phenolic compound and assembled under high pressure. The DK-2300 is the same but for a deeper depth to accomodate a second tonearm.

The accompanying tonearm is the DA-401 which catered to the (shrot-lived) lightweight trend of 1980/82.

Many detailed inside view of the DP-80 at the indispensable : here and here ; a DN-92F here

Denon DP-80, image 1 Denon DP-80, image 2 Denon DP-80, image 3
Denon DP-80 specifications
Title Value
Type : manual record player
Drive : Quartz Direct-Drive
3-phase AC Servo outer-rotor motor
Platter : 30,8cm aluminium diecast
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Pitch control : ± 6%
Full speed ahead : < 1,2s (33 1/3rpm)
Wow & flutter : < 0,015% (WRMS)
Speed deviation : < 0,002%
S/N ratio : > 77dB (DIN-B)
Load characteristics : 0% up to 250g load
Braking : electronic
Speed control : frequency detection + phase control
referenced to Quartz oscillator
Dimensions : 37,6 x 14cm
Weight : 10kg.
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