Denon DP-3700

Denon DP-3700F

1 9 7 3 1973
1 9 7 4 1974
1 9 7 7 1977

Affordable record player of the cool kind.

Both versions are based on the DP-3000 drive : the original DP-3700 with an interchangeable armbase, the later DP-3700F without.
Tonearm on both is Denon's original affordable DA-305 tonearm, here fitted with a lifter which the version sold separately didn't have.

T-Tag wise, the 3700F and its one-piece base was (mostly) handled by Columbia ; the 3700 and its DK-100 base (mostly) by Denon. DP-3000 are Denon which isn't surprising.
Both versions look (and mechanically are) identical in the end.

These "small" players were based on Denon's staple servo system, the outline of which you can see here and equivalent to Sony's Magnedisc as in the TTS-8000 for instance.
I was told the original patent for this system came from Teac but I have serious doubts about this.
It is quite probable anyway it emanated from elsewhere and not within the high-fidelity industry - there were far more motors used in the real world than there ever were in the microscopic audiophile market !

In Denon's version, 1000 pulse are imprinted on the magnetic strip, for a detection frequency of around 1100Hz at 33 1/3 rpm.

And while the lightweight platter allows for a quick start, the "flying saucer" looks allow you to impress your friends that are not in hi-fi.

A DP-3000 at the indispensable

Denon DP-3700, image 1 Denon DP-3700, image 2
Denon DP-3700 specifications
Title Value
DP-3700 / DP-3700F DP-3700 / DP-3700F
Type : direct-drive record player
Platter : 1,1kg / 30cm
aluminium diecast
Speeds : 33 1/3rpm
Pitch control : ± 3%
Wow & flutter : < 0,03%
Full speed ahead : 1,8s. (= 180°)
S/N ratio : > 60dB
PC : 14W
Dimensions : 53 x 18 x 44cm
Weight : 15kg.
List price : 96,000¥ (1976)
DA-305 (DP-3700F) DA-305 (DP-3700F)
Type : static balance
Effective length : 24,4cm
Offset angle : 21°
Overhang : 14mm
Tracking error : ± 2°
Tracking force : 0...3g.
Max. cartridge weight : 4...15g.
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