Denon DA-401

1 9 7 9 1979
1 9 8 5 1985

The DA-401 is a very light tonearm which cannot bear Denon's venerable DL-103 MC cartridge heavyweight oldie : tracking force goes to 2g tops and the equivalent mass for the wand amounts to only... 6g.

The recommended cartridges were Denon's newer DL-303 at first or, later, the DL-305 which both had much better compliance than the 1963 heavyweight.

The 401 did keep the Dynamic Damping system inaugurated much earlier in the 70s - some people like it, some people don't.

What is funny is that Denon's earlier, heavier, tonearms did sell much better : the DL-103 did survive the Ultra-Low-Mass fad of the early 1980s, the DA-401 did not.

More right here.

Denon DA-401, image 1 Denon DA-401, image 2
Denon DA-401 specifications
Title Value
Type : static balance
Overall length : 32,2cm
Effective length : 24,4cm
Overhang : 14mm
Equivalent mass : 6g
Tracking error : 2° max.
VTA range : 40...70mm
Tracking force : 2g max.
0,1g steps
Max. cartridge weight : 4...6g (small cw)
6...11g (large cw)
Anti-skating : magnetically operated
automatic or off
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