Clarion UFO

October   1 9 7 6 october 1976
1 9 7 9 1979

This page is made with an august 1977 french ad touting the imminent arrival of Clarion's UFO separates.

Before retreating to its own specialty (car audio), Clarion, like Casio or Roland, had on/off adventures in hi-fi throughout the 1970s and 1980s.
Clarion even owned the venerable Mc Intosh between 1991 and 2003, selling it to D&M in 2003 (the latter sold it in 2008 to Bain Intl.).

Since I originally posted this page, sometime in 2004, several patient persons shared images of their own UFOs - they really did land on Planet Earth !

However, they did so in small numbers : no Attila-esque hordes of alien invaders but a mere 700 or perhaps 1000 per separate, no more - a very discreet invasion.

2x50W integrated amplifier
L/R/rev/mono/stereo selector
Tape dubbing facility
2 monitoring loops
2 phono inputs
2 speaker pairs
Muting switch
Loudness switch
Tone defeat switch
High and Low filters
Separate MIC volume

2x23W integrated amplifier

Philips' DNL and Dolby NR
Memory/repeat functions
DIN/line/tuner inputs
Normal/CrO2 selector
Peak level LED

Separate FM and AM output levels
Muting switch
Filter switch

(simplified half-height MT-7800)

Direct-drive turntable
Air-filled adjustable feet

3-way / 4-drivers speakers
25cm bass, 30Hz...20Khz
8 Ohm nominal ; 91dB SPL
70 x 32 x 27,8cm / 15kg.
39,800¥ / pair

2-way speakers
25cm bass, 40Hz...20Khz
8 Ohm nominal ; 91dB SPL
54 x 31 x 25cm / 15kg.
21,000¥ / pair

The turntable, tuner and amp were available in Japan in two different versions but only the more feature-packed ones were exported.

Four b/w catalogs were published in Japan : one for each of the three components and one for the entire set, 'speakers included.
I don't have them, alas, nor do I know when exactly they were published within 1977.

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